Tranquility Station (Contest)

    Tranquility Station (Contest) 1.9

    Final update before Saber can have a go at it.

    - Removed all outdated blocks.
    - A number of miner visual changes and fixes.
    - Rotated the docking rails. A trade shuttle can dock comfortably now.

    Failed: The BP still won’t save the remote connections between the elevators and the station. Moved the remote connection block to a more obvious place in the airlock. If someone is able to save it send me a copy.
    This is a complete overhaul of the station. The exterior has received large updates in detail and general design. The interior has been completely redone. It’s far more logical and shows better what type of station this is. All power systems have been updates as well.

    WARNING: The wireless logic of the elevators is broken. I can’t save it into the blueprint. Connect the wireless block from the elevator to the wireless block in the corresponding airlock to fix it.
    Updated to include the new rail docking in the hanger bays. All old docking modules have been removed. The central elevator has been updated to a rail powered version. In addition some minor hull updates to the interior.

    There is a minor bug that disconnects remote logic blocks from the elevator when loading the station. However you can use the fixed buttons to move the elevator.
    Apparently I’m an idiot and only saved a ship core for the 1.4 version. This is the correct version.
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    The station might just have recently updated but I still had a number of improvements I wanted to make. I think these are for the better.
    • Smoothed out the dome sections of the station. Lots of wedges!
    • Added a number of ‘junk’ items around the station.
    • Attached some updated screenshots.


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    With the recent updates in salvaging abandoned stations I realized it will be more and more important to have a solid internal structure shown when you’re munching on a station.

    So I redesigned the internals in the area below the elevator to show a much more believable structure. Something like an environmental system. Or fluid or gas storage.

    Additionally I decide to remove one of the elevator walkways. This cleared the space right up and shows the central elevator design far more effective.

    Some other small esthetics where changed as well. A lot of the grating and some additional hull struts.
    With the voting results visible I got inspired to update the station some more.

    Most of this update will not be all that visible. Not at first.
    However once you start shooting up the station or start mining it, it becomes more obvious.

    A number of structure elements have been added to the empty spaces between hulls. It gives the station a more solid and complete feel even if it is shot to pieces.

    Some more visible updates have been added as well. Mostly small cosmetic changes.


    • Converted to an actual station file!
    • Added docking facilities.
    • Extensive overhaul of the interior. It’s a lot more fleshed out.