Trading guild submission

    Trading guild submission 2014-07-17

    This is my submission for the station contest. I know that its the first day, but I would like to turn out a few more submissions later. First, some pictures:

    This is the station without turrets. As you can see, the color scheme is gray with blue outlines to represent the trading guild color.

    Here is a picture of the station with turrets. Since this is the trading guild, I only added a light armament.

    The vastness of space

    The hallways leading out of the main ring, and into the elevator tube. This is where I think I did the best lighting job.

    The view going up the elevator...

    The small, not so secret, and easily accessible room that contains an un-deathinator, shop module, and 2 build blocks (can be removed if needed).

    The center of the station. The pods on the sides contain small amounts of shield capacitors, shield recharges, and power generators. The connections between the pods and the elevator contain some of the only ice crystal blocks in my station. There are less than 30.

    This is the small AMC turret design that I included for defense. It does 20 damage per shot, and all 8 of them can take down a wave of Isanths.

    The entire thing from one angle

    The other side (different lighting effects)

    Power: 50000 at 35154 e/s
    Shielding: 8166 at 902 sh/s
    Mass: 19566 blocks
    Length: 107
    Width: 91
    Height: 93

    Turret Stats:
    Power: 50000 at 1429.1 e/s
    Shielding: 320 at 44 sh/s
    Mass: 10.7 (107 blocks)
    • Damage: 20.7
    • Reload: 307.1 ms
    • Range: 1000
    • Power cons.: 228.1

    This station is airtight. All exits and entries are covered by logic airlocks. All interior spaces are lit.

    Cost: 4005043 credits

    Merry July.

    And go Schema!
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    Latest reviews

    I agree with what was already said. The edges need to be smoothed out. Otherwise an awesome design. I think it fits well with the style of the current stations rather nicely.
    My 2cents on this!

    First ... please please ... solve the problem that you are unable to place rotateable blocks! That is game breaking!

    Thats why as Neon said "Needs wedges" (and penta tetra corner ;) i may add).

    I did load it into the game and walked around a bit. I think lighting is good. The overall form is simple and elegant(?), i like that!

    The stuff i do not like are more or less minor, but sum up.

    - the inside is to barren ... nothing to look at. There is more decoration needed.
    - the short plex lifters under the cannons. get rid of those i would suggest. Use slopes instead ?
    - cover the docking enhancers. (i don´t like seeing them. might only be me!)
    - redesign the cannons. sorry but apart from the crossform in front they are ugly! (again game breaking wedge rotation problem)
    - lighten up the landing area a bit maybe.
    - the spawn room is a bit to small for my taste.

    I will revisit it when there is an update ;)
    Trying to get people to fix it. No breakthroughs so far.
    A good concept, but poor implementation. I digg the overall construction, however:

    1) Needs wedges. The overall shape and design is brought down by the hard corners and overall blockiness of the structure. The station is made of very nice round shapes. They should be softened with wedges.

    2)The whole station is symmetrical, but the docking regions are not. They all sit on the the top side of the station, with the exception of the center ring.
    Thank you for your consideration