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      1. splatthecat
        1. SmilingDemon
          it is not hard coded. However it isnt even a game feature at all right now (all the F1+ what ever things are Dev features) its what ever is bound to this http://prntscr.com/iqropo +G. if i am not mistaken.
          Mar 13, 2018
      2. arianaxe
        Hello I was told that you were good with the technical aspect of the game and to see you for help. Im having resolution problems I want to run the game in 1080p but my monitor is 4k and If I set it to 1080p and click fullscreen it goes fullscreen but takes up a 6th of the screen and goes low res. Any help rendered is much appreciated. thank you.
      3. Karride
      4. MalFurry Avali
        MalFurry Avali
        Thank you so much for helping !
        1. SmilingDemon
          No problem. was my pleasure to do so ^^
          Aug 3, 2016
      5. DukeofRealms
        Welcome to the cool badges group!
        1. SmilingDemon
          Uh .. great ... thanks ... no i have officialy to behave myself ... right ?

          DAMN ;)
          Sep 16, 2014
      6. RedDragonflyxx
        Too many letters for one post
        I'm also working on a fix for the doors by adding longer delays before they close now that I'm not afraid of the logic in the attic :D but it appears the area sensors are buggy too. Perhaps have the area triggers on the other side close the door with a very long delay in case the close signal isn't received?
        1. SmilingDemon
          Simply add 2 delays in the closing chain ... or set the trigger to open the door over the not gate only ... both works in a way. I would prefer the 2 more Delay version because it closes the door in any event but you might have to run into the activator twice to reset the trigger logic
          Aug 2, 2014
      7. RedDragonflyxx
        -Fix for your asteroid base-
        OK, I'd edit the review but that isn't an option. The problem applies to ALL up elevators .You had some area activators ON TOP of the plex door (the one that you "fall" through) when they should only be on the bottom, just remove the nine that connect to and it will work fine.
        1. SmilingDemon
          they are still in ? .. i thought i had removed that ! .. originaly they are needed to Reset the activation cycle of the door. else it wouldd not open the second time you fly up ... have to see to that later
          Aug 2, 2014
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