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    Low Impact Turret 2016-12-11

    A low profile turret with an extended hidden barrel

    1. psteiner
      Recently, I have run into the problem of installing low impact turrets with high yields. One way that I was able to solve this problem was by using Gaeasson's internal turret which uses a hole in hull design to reduce exterior turret space at the sacrifice of an interior bubble. I created my own design with a twin beam-cannon slave with overdrive turret with outputs at the surface. The bobby ai module is accessible from the surface between the twin beam outputs.


      This particular turret utilized a 7x7x1 volume at the surface and outputs 717.9 damage per second per beam. It has 0-90 degree vertical rotation and is capable of 360 degrees of horizontal rotation. Note that because of the beam-cannon slave, this particular turret has an inferior range compared to other weapon systems. It may significantly increase the effectiveness of this turret to replace the weapon systems with a cannon-cannon-overdrive or beam-beam-overdrive.

      Here are some pictures of the underside. I placed a glass dome to show the impact on internal systems.

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    Recent Reviews

    1. Lunderen
      Version: 2016-12-11
      Nice design. I'm going to use it on my Star Destroyer!