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    Lily Class Defensive Station 2016-07-03

    Optimized for Server Play

    1. psteiner
      The Lily Class Defensive Station is a medium, fully functional tool to ensure the security of a sector (and adjacent sectors) from fighters, bombers, and corvette class vessels. One of the core design elements of the Lily Class is its construction from cheap, easily accessible materials that are readily available in most servers.

      • 8x Cannon Cannon Overdrive Turrets
      • 8x Missile Beam Overdrive Turrets
      • 6x Cannon Cannon Point Defense Turrets
      • Transporter Array
      • Medical Supplies
      • Public Airlock and Dock

      Core Building Supplies:
      • Cannon Computer and Module
      • Missile Computer and Tube
      • Damage Beam Computer and Module
      • Shield Recharger and Capacitor
      • Power Generator and Capacitor
      • Grey Hull & Wedge
      • Dark Grey Hull & Wedge
      • Blue Hull & Wedge
      • Alloyed Metal Mesh & Wedge
      • Ice Crystal & Wedge
      • Glass & Wedge

      • Power: 2,216,774.3 @ 913,374.4 e/s
      • Shields: 208,225 @ 15,609 e/s
      • Mass: 1510.5 @ 21,820 blocks
      • Dimensions: L: 153m | H: 31m | W: 153m
      • Struct Hitpoints: 1,166,895 hp
      • Armor Hitpoints: 368,000 hp