Nebula Class PD Light Corvette

    Nebula Class PD Light Corvette 2016-12-11

    The Nebula Class Point Defense Light Corvette is a small corvette, weighing in at 1674.6 mass units, designed for the interception of medium to large bombers and ships that rely heavily on missiles to deliver damage. By utilizing 8 independent cannon-cannon point defense turrets, the Nebula class can eliminate missile threats that typically would be deterring to many other ships in its weight class. In addition, these PD turrets are retractable to reduce the likelihood of turret loss when facing an enemy that relies on cannon or beam weapons.

    The Nebula Class sports a twin cannon-cannon-overdrive array as a primary weapon and has two independent missile-beam homing missile nodes to supplement cannon fire. In terms of defensive systems, the Nebula class boasts an ion shield boosting system, a radar jammer, and a shield system that can adsorb 88,000 units of damage.

    Although the Nebula Class is mostly focused on combat, it still has many of the systems considered almost necessary in today's starships: a warp drive, a functional interior, a functional airlock, 2 teleportation arrays, 2 docking nodes located on the left and right of the main saucer, and a scanner array.

    One more thing to note about the Nebula Class is that it was designed to use materials readily available on servers. Here is a list of some of the primary construction materials aside from system blocks:

    • Grey Hull
    • Dark Grey Hull
    • Ice Crystals
    • Mattise Crystals
    • White Lights
    • Metal mesh and Grill
    By reducing the reliance on standard or advanced armor, the Nebula Class greatly reduces its mass and building costs, while increasing its agility and manuverablilty. Although this does decrease the structeral integrity of the Nebula's hull, the Nebula Class compensates for this with reinforced shielding.

    Underside of the Nebula Class with turrets retracted

    A view from the back of the Nebula Class showing the duel warp coils

    A view from the front of the Nebula Class with turrets extended

    The main control room

    A view down the left hallway of the Nebula Class

    The weapon's control room

    A view from the main control room to the airlock

    A screenshot of the Nebula's primary system control panel. Turrets are extended

    The small airlock opening on the underside of the Nebula Class
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