The Milano

    The Milano JC1

    I humbly present to you Starlord's ship from Guardians of the Galaxy: The Milano!

    So I absolutely loved the movie; and couldn't resist making the ship!
    She is now yours to enjoy! Its worth saying that she also has much stronger than average stats for this size of ship; and makes a formidable foe!

    • Ionized Shielding
    • Afterburners
    • Movie-Cannon-Cannons
    • Full Interior (Accurate as I could get from memory)
    • Radar Jamming (While all systems active)
    • Easter Eggs!
    • Max Length :: 125M (W)
    • Jump Drive
    First release
    Last update
    4.96 star(s) 25 ratings

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    Latest updates

    1. Added jump drive.

      Added a basic jump drive. Feel free to fine tune it.

    Latest reviews

    This probably one of the best ships I have seen in StarMade. Interior is amazing, and the exterior is even better.

    I know I am several months later than anyone else :P but good lord!! The Star Lord is flying around as a bandit on my server now, and people are freaking out :D

    I love your work man :)
    This ship is just awesome, its powerful the design look good and it has good interior designs. 9/10 tortilas
    Aesthestic and Functional.
    Great Ship, Weapons Systems and Shielding..
    I'm using this a Pirate Replacement. It has a great Silhouette in Bright Space Sectors - Actually Quite Creepy and Surprising at a Distance. The Interior Narrow But Quite Complete and Compact out of Nescessity (ei. No Wasted Space).
    It is just the GREATEST ship I have ever seen in my life.
    When you see it YOU KNOW YOU WANT IT!
    Amazing Build Just one question how do you get in?
    the best looking fighter out of a movie i give it a 12/10
    This is superb! You really nailed the ship's design in every aspect. 11/10!
    love the look