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    The Lance MK1-1K

    A Strong balance between Roleplay and Combat.

    1. InfernoSuperNova
      Game version:
      starmade-screenshot-0059.png starmade-screenshot-0059.png

      I made this a while ago, on a survival server. Its incomplete, because it got blown up, and I haven't had the heart to continue it. expect errors, unfinished parts, and no enterance other than teleporters. perhaps, one day, i'll complete this build. until then, enjoy.

      Conference room starmade-screenshot-0079.png
      secondary engines starmade-screenshot-0065.png
      "hub" room starmade-screenshot-0080.png
      rear view (unfinished) starmade-screenshot-0020.png fully charged cannon damage
      starmade-screenshot-0007.png From a planet surface starmade-screenshot-0017.png missile damage starmade-screenshot-0048.png After it was destroyed :(

    Recent Reviews

    1. Ribbons0121R121
      Version: MK1-1K
      im already lancer
      1. InfernoSuperNova
        Author's Response
        I really appreciate the 5 star review! Its my first "big" ship that isn't just a block of systems, or an empty shell!