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    Tayra Class Heavy Defense Turret 2015-02-07

    Yada Corperations

    1. psteiner
      The Tayra Class Heavy Defense Turret is one of the first turrets produced by the Yada Corporations designed with the newest weapon system in mind. The Tayra features a heavy shielding system and a specialized weapons system to combat both large and small opponents. Its weapons system is composed of a long range momentum nullifier beam to stop most fighters in their tracks, and a 12 barrel rapid fire shotgun cannon coupled with an overdrive to shred through both hull and shield. The Tayra is a general defense turret for large stations, capital ships, and planetary bases. It is recommended for use against medium and large attack forces, yet still requires the force of numbers if facing a capital class attack force.

      For more ships and designs, please visit: http://starmadedock.net/threads/yada-corperations.74/


      Warning, the cannon consumes over 66000 power per shot, so please provide a large power source, as the turret only features a basic power supply system to sustain its own shielding system.

      Power: 125129.8 at 198886.6 e/s
      Shields: 33505 at 4301 sh/s
      Mass: 540.4 (5404 blocks)
      Dimensions: Length: 60, Height: 16, Width: 13

    Recent Reviews

    1. MardenTheReal
      Version: 2015-02-07
      Great model. I've seen many ppl on my server using it already.
    2. Batavium
      Version: 2015-02-07
      Great of you to put a turret design up. There are very few just turrets downloads. It's a nice big turret to. The door on top that leads to the Bobby AI. It's very dark in there and the Bobby AI module sits on the bottom. Had a hard time locating it maybe add a light source.

      This turret needs a big dock. Moving the barrel a little backward puts the core more at the centre. That way the dock won't have to be bigger then the turret.
      1. psteiner
        Author's Response
        I will agree that it is very dark inside the control room, but I will disagree on terms of core placement. I pushed the stand back as for looks, and left the core in the back as to prevent the turret from going into the station/ship it is docked on to.