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    SVU Fighter F-3 Pack Mod 1A

    Nimble and lethal starfighters with several variants

    1. Mod 1A: Better weapons and new variant!

      We've replaced the fighter's autocannon with a railgun that does more damage. A new attack variant with target-tracking missiles is out to augment your squadron!
    2. Fighter-Bomber M-M Variant!

      The FB-3 bomber variant is out! The ship now carries 4 bomb launchers instead of cannons, while still keeping the same reactor and speed. To improve your bombing runs, we've increased the shield capacity and implemented the thrust blast module. Through ingenious engineering by our designers, we managed to keep the exact same shape. The paint patterns were adjusted, but it's still barely different from the fighter variant.
    3. Production Model: More weapons!

      The F-3 is done finally with the experimental phase! We replaced the two autocannons with four smaller autocannons that do more damage for the same power. Use them in volley mode to fire faster and tear through enemy fighters. We added back the missiles to help you eliminate them faster.
    4. Prototype X-3: Updated Hull

      The third prototype of the F-3 features a new and improved and still maintains most of the same stats. Standard armor was removed, while shields were slightly increased, giving the ship better acceleration. Missiles and landing gear were deemed unnecessary, and so they were removed.