Stronghold 1.2.6

    reduce number of strongpoints per system from 3,5,7 to 1,2,3,4.
    point cap scaled with amount of strongpoints now:
    a 4 SP system reaches 4x max cap but not min cap. This means:
    - all systems can hold out 3.5 days if at full health at start no matter amount of SPs.
    - side effect: more SPs in system = activating voidshield is faster. (1h -> 15 minutes)
    fixes the servercrashes caused by saving every 15 minutes.
    adds more debug commands.
    adds logging functionality.
    i accidentally uploaded the wrong file
    scan-position-offset is fixed.
    stronghold name shows its system in info.
    Added "balance" info: how much points will change per seconds
    Added more voice announcer sounds related to balance
    behind the scenes refactoring
    max points are now 300 000. thats 3.5 days if you are at -1 station.
    min points are now -3600, thats 1 hour to boot up the voidshield.
    added voice announcer for strongpoint loss, capture, contested.
    added voice announcer for entering stronpoint sector or shielded system.
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    fixed single letter, that made voidshield have no effect.