Stoat Class fighter

    Stoat Class fighter v0.203.105

    Game version
    Name: Stoat
    Role: Light Attack, Anti Drone
    Class: Fighter


    The Stoat LAC-v3.1, or more commonly known as the Stoat Class Fighter, is the fifth entry into the Animal series, and is by far the smallest of the ships. while it lacks the in-depth shields or high-power engines of its larger counter parts, it is by no means a slouch.

    Its smaller frame allows for a more complete thruster system, a compact cockpit, and it's unique shape allows for an impressive array of forward weapons, and it's full thrust system enables it to maneuver reasonably well.

    sporting a forward weapons array of 2 dumb-fire missiles, 2 autocannons and 2 forward, lower power laser beams, the stoat can hit any slow, crippled or unprepared targets with excellence.

    however, where it shines is its turrets. Sporting 3 auto guns, this enables the stoat to deliver consistent damage at close ranges to a variety of targets where other fighter type ships might struggle. these can also easily be modified to serve as a PDC system.

    while not the most durable ship, the Stoat delivers on it's damage dealing role, second only to the hyena. however, unlike it's counterparts, it dose not have a salvage array, meaning that any miner wishing to use this ship will have to modify it post purchase/ construction. also, having no chambers gives the stoat a bit of a handicap, but also a chance for further modification.

    Small, fast, affordable, modifiable, strong and determined, the Stoat can pursue any enemy that fails to outpace it, with deadly results.

    dimensions: L-27 meters, W-33 meters, H- 7 meters
    Mass- 105.1 (1,143 blocks)
    HP-2,200 k
    Shield cap/Regen- 750/35
    power/stability- 60/90
    Speed- 496.3 (recommend auto-dampeners)
    Cargo Capacity- 500
    Missile Capacity-2.71

    Weapons and Turrets
    1x2 CC guns- 116.6 damage total, range 6000 meters
    1x2 Standard Laser Beams- 22.8 damage total, range 9000 meters

    1x2 Dumbfire missiles- 431.2 damage total, range 6000 meters
    3x(1x2) Autogun Turrets- 440.4 damage total, range 7,500 meters
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    Latest reviews

    I think this would be a great starter ship, being as it is small and well rounded. It is deceptively light for it's size. I feel you could use these on an early mining carrier as well.