Starter Exploration Vessel "SLV Denuvo" (Completed Regular  Version)

    Starter Exploration Vessel "SLV Denuvo" (Completed Regular Version) 1.03.00

    Added Auto-Mining toggle. Has to be manually connected to the salvage computer.

    Added stone collection tray into refinery into conveyor belt into cargo area decoration.

    Added Automatic Landing Gear Toggle if docked to the ships belly.

    Added space toilet.

    possible todo: add mining bonus chamber and stealth setup, explain to new pilots how to sit in chair ("o") because the core puts them behind forcefields? add landing gear for front, right now it would tipp over, add landing gear in front, remodel salvage array a little bit based on images I have on my phone.

    on Monday, 24. February 2020 this upload hit 50 downloads yay.
    Added Elevator Light Update with Wireless Logic corresponding to Main Hall Lightswitch
    Added Cargo Bay with 2.5k total capacity into the Maintenance Level - If you like to use it it has to be manually connected to the salvage computer (but thats easy they are next to each other to the right of the ship core).
    Changed some Display Text
    Changed Lights in side entrance walkways to being into the corners instead of being a ceiling light

    Possible To-Do: Add Dark Mode light setup, making the interiour of the ship not fully dark but darkish blue. Automatically Extend Landing Gear if Docked with bottom rail docker. Improve Thruster Design. Add a second navigators chair to accomodate to two crew sleeping in restroom, maybe four if two passengers sleep in lounge. Auto-Mine Logic. Pipes from Mining Gear into Maintenance Deck, into rock container, into refinery with conveyor belt exit, into cargo stockpile. Second pilots chair-> two crew and two passengers possible in total imo. Add Space Toilet (make walls into dixi blue?).
    Reworked the railings at the staircase with grates.
    Rewrite of texts for Explanation Displays
    Small visual tweaks
    Fixed some small mistakes on the inner hull and the display modules
    I am not sure about it but this could be the final general design.

    I overhauled the interiour floors with a better color scheme, and completely rewired the logic. Everything is cleaned up now for newcommers to easily make out all the features, and to use the ship without problems.

    The logic is now propperly set up and all logic stuff is in a seperate room in the maintenance level.

    The only things missing are maybe to setup a better storage area and to put the reactor into a better position.

    Also I could make the landing gear extend automatically when you dock with the bottom rail docker. But who cares for that anyway? :D