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    Star Trek: Constitution: TOS 20150918A

    the iconic USS Enterprise (NCC-1701) in the original "Star Trek"

    1. GaeasSon
      This is Constitution class starship exemplified by the iconic USS Enterprise (NCC-1701) in the original "Star Trek" television series from the 1960s.

      • LxHxW: 287 x 74 x 141
      • Mass: 21,006,199
      • Thrust: 23,402,699
      • Shields: 509,415 @18,018(s/sec)
      • Power: 1,419,556 @1,028,636(e/sec)
      • HP: 5,718,230
      • ArmorHP: 7,877,525
      • Jump drive: 100%
      • Overdrive 51.9%
      • Missile (136) /Beam (100%)
      • Missile (132) /Beam (82.6%) / EMP (86.4%)
      • Beam (228) /Cannon (100%)/Overdrive (100%)
      • Full 1:1 scale based on the diagrams and schematics from the original designers.
      • This ship is powered, armed, shielded and ready to fly.
      • Interior spaces have decks and hallways. Most rooms are left for you to define
      • Detailed modeling of the bridge, main engineering, medical and shuttle bay.
      • The shuttle bay has a working bay door, which can be opened via docking beam.
      • Primary hull is fitted with 6 recessed turrets, (Beam/Cannon)
      • Working rail-based airlocks
      • Working rail-based lifts.
      • 1 TOS style shuttle.
      • Rotating illuminated Bussard collectors.

      Operational notes:
      The turrets are smoothed into the hull by blast doors. For them to rotate to target enemies, you will need to open the turret doors. There is a switch on the bridge and an inner switch remote.
      There is also an inner switch remote to start the ship clock, and Bussard rotors.


      1. starmade-screenshot-0076.png
      2. starmade-screenshot-0077.png
      3. starmade-screenshot-0078.png
      4. starmade-screenshot-0079.png
      5. starmade-screenshot-0081.png
      6. starmade-screenshot-0082.png

    Recent Reviews

    1. saywuuuuuut
      Version: 20150918A
      Wonderfull ship. I like it
    2. Blazio
      Version: 20150918A
      Love the ship. goes great with the rest of the fleet on my server. Great work. But one little issue. The lower port side weapons system is missing. Reloaded the ship twice to no avail. But also it might just be me, but wanted to let you know...in case that was an issue.
      1. GaeasSon
        Author's Response
        that's wierd.... I'll investigate.
      Version: 20150918A
      You've come through with a freaking awesome ship again, man. Glad that I could be some assistance in the ideas department and keep up the good work! I'll be checking out your other stuff too!
    4. Caesar.45
      Version: 20150918A
      *Faints due to awesomeness*

      Detail is amazing, and Trekkie-ness is at full impulse! I'm lost for words.
    5. jappar147
      Version: 20150918A
      as a massive trekkie this ship is like christmas to me. this ship is epic keep up the good work
    6. Brain_Dawgs
      Version: 20150917A
      In the latest version there is a stray block in the stardrive turbolift.

      Also, I find that this ship is less battle-capable than your Saladin class. The power drains much more quickly while you shoot, and you can't fly and charge the jumpdrive like you can with the saladin.
    7. Brain_Dawgs
      Version: 20150911A
      I discovered a glitch: The bridge turbolift doesn't go all the way to it's bottom level; it gets stuck between floors.
      1. GaeasSon
        Author's Response
        Aah! that's probably due to a stray block stuck in the shaft... Have you noticed that sometimes when you place a block it winds up on the other side of the blocks you were targeting? Let me see what I can do.
    8. SeventhDurandal
      Version: 20150909D
      HE HAS RETURNED!!! Amazing as always!
      1. GaeasSon
        Author's Response
        Thanks! Try the update, it has better weapons and performance.
    9. Brain_Dawgs
      Version: 20150909D
      Almost everything about this ship is pretty awesome, but I do have some issues with it.

      1. The main weapons are rather weak. The phasers and torpedoes don't do much damage, especially considering that they have some reload time.

      2. The shields are somewhat slow to recharge.

      3. So much unused space outside of the interior (but that's a minor nitpick)

      Now onto my favorit parts about the ship: I really like what you've done with the elevators, turrets, engineering, and especially the shuttlebay. And I still haven't explored the whole ship yet!

      It's great to have you back!
      1. GaeasSon
        Author's Response
        Try that... (updated)
      Version: 2.0
      First Off…
      The Bussard Collector design is finished at last! (After weeks of not getting to play and then getting sidetracked, I finally did it in about an hour, most of which was replacing the lava with lights, and swapping colors. One note: this ship does not load in 0.1862 (which I am using), but it DID load in a 0.17 Dev build I still had. Lucky me I guess. Anyways, thanks for allowing me to utilize your pre-built version as a basis.)

      This is a really awesome ship, despite being from an obsolete version. In addition to using the collector linked above, here are some other ideas that could bring this ship into a modern style:

      To begin with, the core is in a screwed up location on the main bridge, making it easy for pirates to destroy it. It also needs Shield-Rechargers in order to be workable in newer versions. As another point (especially with rails being alluded to by Schema in one of his more recent release notes), a form of elevator system would not be very difficult to accomplish, even using current logic, and it would go a long way. A redesign of the interior would also make the ship more current, at least insofar as using it in more recent versions. The Impulse Logic would be a nice addition as well. Weapon Redesigns (which I think are part of the issue of why it won’t load in 0.18+) would go a long way, Jump Drives would also be nice, and lastly, using Antennas on the Deflector dish would give it a functional flair while retaining much of the same feel (alternatively, a form of Push Pulse or Repulsor Beams would be more canonically sound, but in SM, there are no micro-particles to push aside (yet, and let’s hope it STAYS that way)).

      Still, despite its age as compared to the rest of StarMade (and the rest of your work), it is still a great ship. However, a note to downloaders: it does not work in the most recent version, and so utilizing a 0.17 version of SM will be necessary. Still, though, I look forward to downloading a new, and more compatible version of this ship in the future.

      CAPTAINZACH (big fan of your work, by the way)
      1. GaeasSon
        Author's Response
        See the new version...