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    Star Trek: Constitution: TOS 20150918A

    the iconic USS Enterprise (NCC-1701) in the original "Star Trek"

    1. Multiple patches and upgrades

      This is the update file what was meant to get posted last time

      Much more power reserves.
      Eight times the shield recharge of the last version.
      Also cleared that stupid block out of the secondary lift shaft.
      Better acceleration.
      More Overdrive.
    2. Minor update

      Stray blocks cleanup, and control improvement.
    3. More shields. Lifts fixed, better scanners

      • LxHxW: 287 x 74 x 141
      • Mass: 21,006,199
      • Thrust: 23,402,699
      • Shields: 509,415 @18,018(s/sec)
      • Power: 1,419,556 @1,028,636(e/sec)
      • HP: 5,718,230
      • ArmorHP: 7,877,525
      • Jump drive: 100%
      • Overdrive 51.9%
      • Missile (136) /Beam (100%)
      • Missile (132) /Beam (82.6%) / EMP (86.4%)
      • Beam (228) /Cannon (100%)/Overdrive (100%)
    4. Weapons Tuning

      Tuned up the weapons... Reconnected the Scanner
    5. Star Trek: Constitution TOS

      This is a nearly complete rebuild with all new systems
    6. Updated 8/26/2003

      • Mass: 14889.9
      • LxHxW: 311x78x148
      • Power Capacity: 4687480.3
      • Power Generation: 1119397 e/sec
      • Thrust: 15927.5
      • Shields 148213 (4150 s/sec) Recovery:2
      (this ship is based on an earlier version, and includes all of its features: http://star-made.org/node/9016)

      I've been working up to this one for a while. I wanted to give this ship a really respectful treatment. For a lot of people this is THE starship. This is the Constitution class starship exemplified...