Andromeda: Automated 1511D

    Star Trek: TOS Robot Cargo Transport

    1. GaeasSon
      *** NOTE!***
      Requires StarMade Version .1949
      In honor of our up-coming cargo update I present the Andromeda. Andromeda Class is a type of freighter in common use in the Star Trek: TOS era. While never central to the story, Andromeda class transports were regularly used as background or implied in the story.

      This is a preview. It was built with the idea of cargo... even though the new cargo system isn't implemented yet. Standing in for cargo space blocks, is purple crystal armor. A quick search/replace should allow you to retrofit the ship when the cargo update is released.

      The ship includes:
      • multiple primary cargo holds
      • a container hold with four 125-space shielded cargo containers.
      • a single pad transporter.
      • navigational deflector
      • jump drive
      • overdrive
      • SMALL phaser array (This is NOT a combat ship)
      • full Rail-based pressure door system.
      • Rail based shuttle hangar
      The Andromeda was often retrofitted as a robot-ship... This variant sacrifices the crew module, but does include minimal crew accommodations for maintenance crews, as well as for emergency shelter for stranded civilians
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