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    Allow me to present the mighty Sobek Dreadnought, one of the largest and most complex ships I ever built in StarMade.

    After a ton of creative effort, this thing ended up being one of those StarMade creations where you couldn't possibly fit enough text/images into the description section to cover everything that's worth seeing/trying out in it.

    So I invite everyone interested to check out this ship in-game, and then tell us about your impressions / what you liked / what you think could use improvement. Have fun while exploring its extreme interior and testing its crazy rail and logic features! ;)

    • The 3rd and 4th row of the hotbar contain the controls for the right and left side of the hangar bay.
    • Make sure to have the "Recall state" remotes turned Off, before trying to launch fighters with the "Next fighter" remotes.
    • Make sure to have the "Recall state" remotes turned On, before trying to redock fighters via Pickup Points.
    • After choosing an engine orientation option other than the default, make sure to deactivate its hotbar remote before trying to choose another option.
    • Deactivation brings all engines back to "move forward".
    • Leaving either engine remote turned on disallows the use of any of the other engine remotes.
    Here are 4 of the 6 engine orientation options:
    Move Backward, Strafe Upward, Strafe Downward, and the default Move Forward
    (the others are Roll Left and Roll Right)

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    5.00 star(s) 7 ratings

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    Latest updates

    1. Major revision of hull, systems and turrets

      AESTHETICS AND COMPATIBILITY: Restructured the ships's underside; significantly reduced...
    2. Fixed hangar doors and removed the empty shell version

      -The new collision boxes of 3D models meant that some Light Corner blocks blocked the hangar...

      This update is the first release of the finished version. The shell version too will be...

    Latest reviews

    this will melt my new computer but ill try it
    what CPU is needed to watch this ship with more then 10 fps preferably over 25 fps ? my CPU(AMD 1700X) is at 45%, GPU(1070) at 20%, 16gRam, resolution1080p.
    Yes, this ship is kind of a nightmare, regarding computer performance. The finished version has about 120 docked entities, including a few very large ones. It also contains Repulsor Modules, used decoratively.

    I heard it said that repulsors, as active blocks, add extra background calculations, and there's also a lot of strain associated with the collision checks of docked entities that have overlapping bounding boxes.

    I don't intend to attempt to remedy this - but thank you for the high rating, I'm glad you like it :)
    very nicely designed floors but i still can't find the core that you pilot it at
    Thanks, glad to know that you like the floor design... The ship core is located in a dedicated core room.

    This core room can be reached on the floor you enter in. There is a small compartment near the central elevator (on the airlock's level), with a sign that says "Core room", and a fancy rail door with two gadgets at its left and right side. Press both buttons on these two gadgets, and the rail door will slide open.

    I guess it wasn't obvious that that's a door, due to its odd design :)
    Holy Crocodile God of the Nile. I think I had a spacegasm. Can't wait to see the next stages! (Or, I might finish the insides and systems on my own if I get too impatient :P)
    Thanks :D
    Seeing such appreciation for my work, that people actually wish for updates beyond a first look (and an initial spacegasm), is all I need to know in order to keep the enthusiasm alive, which will make the revisiting and continuation of this project much more fun when the weapons update finally hits :)
    Simply amazing. Without a doubt one of, if not the best looking ship I've ever seen.
    Wow, thank you, it's very nice to see that this latest ship of mine is appreciated so much... I tried my best :)
    very nice ship
    Thanks! :)
    Hell's bloody bells!
    This bird is absolutely gorgeous! Thank you for all your hard work! o7
    Thanks, I'm flattered :D

    But actually, it's more of a "crocodile" than a "bird", at least the bridge and its nose make it resemble one a bit (that's the reason it's named after the crocodile-headed egyptian deity).