• Restructured the ships's underside; significantly reduced top-bottom symmetry
    • Replaced all outdated blocks (Power Supply Modules) and performance-straining blocks (Repulse Modules)
    • Retouched many small details on hull and interior

    • Modernized all basic systems within main entity and docked assets
    • Redesigned onboard weapon setup
    • New turret arsenal:
      • removed all inadequately small AMS turrets
      • replaced all small offensive turrets with proper AMS turrets
      • replaced heavy-but-ugly missile turrets with heavy-and-beautiful cannon turrets
      • added two new medium-sized laser turrets

    • Extendable telescopic cannon barrels
    • A stealth bomber docked externally
    • Two escape pods
    • Bridge airlock
    • Many minor logic features
    -The new collision boxes of 3D models meant that some Light Corner blocks blocked the hangar doors from opening/closing properly; removed them out of the way.

    -Fixed the large rail door to the core room; its circuitry was corrupted by a new bug affecting Area Trigger Controller blocks.

    -Few other minor modifications throughout the ship.

    -Empty shell version no longer included (the download was previously a RAR package with two blueprints).
    This update is the first release of the finished version.

    The shell version too will be continually included in the package (a RAR file), and fixed if necessary, in future updates.
    This update comes with only fixes of the previous blueprint file, without any new features - the ship remains in the same shell stage.


    -The previous version of this ship was built in and exported from a 0.200 game version, and whenever it was spawned in a 0.201 (post-weapons update) game version, a few rail-logic connections were consistently lost, partially breaking the engine orientation system. The new blueprint file was exported from version 0.201.142, and has the aforementioned connections re-established.

    -The 260 decoratively used Power Supply Modules were changed to Push Pulse Modules (since the former was deprecated and is no longer obtainable without admin privileges, which would have rendered the blueprint un-spawnable in survival).

    -The four diagonally docked mock-up turrets were removed to make the installation of proper turrets easier.

    -An extra block and a missing block were removed/placed.