Shokolad Vodka Union Fighter F-3 Pack Mod 1A

    Pack of nimble and lethal starfighters with dogfighter, strike, and bomber variants

    1. WildRage64
      Version: Mod 1
      I like the ship. But looking at your username...why did you not put in a three stripes of Adidas?
      1. SlavSquatSuperstar
        Author's Response
        Ah... very sad indeed. That's definitely on my todo list!
    2. MChain
      Version: X-3
      You definitely don't like slabs xD And they can give you much better curves than wedges.

      It is a good idea to either throw away circuits from engines (preferable on such a small ship) or place ice above all the engine surface, leaving a gap for thruster plumes to spawn (less preferable on this scale).

      Otherwise, the ship is great. Screenshots are not, though xD
      I'd try a different angle, where the ship shape is revealed, not concealed by wedge reflections and Starmade light render troubles xD