SFW. Knight

    SFW. Knight RC4

    Missiles giving you trouble? Look no further. The SFW. Knight is a dedicated anti missile boat. Boasting a vast array of point defense turrets this heavily armed frigate is sure to be found creating a flak wall near you!

    • Massive point-defense AMS array.
    • Full interior with combat oriented design.
    • Heavy forward weapons array.
    Please leave a review if you liked / didn't like the ship and fly safe!
    First release
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    4.71 star(s) 7 ratings

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    Latest reviews

    An excellent exterior, but it has a few issues. The smaller turrets are a bit lame compared to everything else, there is not even turret coverage, the turrets shoot down the ship's missiles, and the interior is not well lit.
    Excellent ship! The exterior has a good color theme. Interior is gorgeous, and the stats are great too unlike most ships here on the Starmade site looking good but not performing good.
    The exterior is fantastic and grants some awesome battle scenes with those turrets on full blast. The interior does feel a bit less organized though. There are lots of cool features and designs, but it doesn't feel cohesive throughout the ship. A few things feel randomly placed because of the use of many colors and individual designs. The individual effects pulled off with the circuits/lights is spectacular however.
    Nice work. Definitely will enjoy this ship. Nice use of light and colors.
    Praise it, love it, eat it...
    beautiful design! cant stop looking at it :D
    A great front line ship, want to stop all the incoming missiles and deal out punishment of your own? This is your ship :)