PetroFlux H56 Refueling & Repair Station

    PetroFlux H56 Refueling & Repair Station v1.5

    • Recon chambers removed (previous version included a recon system, of which I falsely assumed would work on a station, due to permanent duration of operation)
    • Extra defense chambers added (basic armor enhancement; kinetic protection; electromagnetic protection)
    • "Scanner module" added. In the control room, near the main Bulid Block, you will find a tiny docked entity. If you access its core, its permanent-duration, maximal-strength recon system will automatically reveal its scanning data (decloak ships, highlight internals, etc.)
    • Modernized systems in main entity, turrets and docked ships.
    • No more underperforming reactor or oversized chambers (doubled the reactor size; the old 10K-block chambers fit it just right).
    • Replaced the 12 old AMS turrets with 12 new, adequate ones (280-block machine guns in a Phalanx-style setup).
    • Removed the shields from the bases of the heavy turrets, and switched to stronger armor on their gun parts.
    • Added two huge, capsule-like tanks which house additional stabilizers and shield capacitors.
    Refitted to Systems 2.1 and substantially improved all around.
    Minor structural corrections for the sake of "perfection".