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    Pandora Haven Capital City Alpha 16

    Early version of the stellar city, Pandora Haven

    1. Completed the PH city Observatory and maintenance department

      Completed the PH city Observatory and maintenance department = the big octagonal multi compartment complex.
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    2. Added City Comand Center Complex

      Added some stuff, mainly a new building complex with a working elevator.
      starmade-screenshot-0000.png starmade-screenshot-0001.png
    3. Turret update and government building.

      So added like 50 to 60 turrets I think.... the gov building is almost done though..... almost (read no interior yet)
    4. Solved acute power issues, added central logic on/off command, minor decorations

      Logic command is in government WIP structure, black framework thing in upper part of skybox, simply use the little button to start / stop rails and blinking lights.
      Added glass tunnels and a new stabilizer powerbank with numbers/letters on them.
      Power is now greatly boosted and it now runs its systems kinda fine.
    5. Autumn Update!

      EEh, well stuffs been added don't expect me to remember exactly ...
    6. Converted to new power, new shields and made fully compatible.

      Old power, shields and every other block that is not in the game anymore has been cleaned away and replaced with other blocks.
    7. Added the NeoTokyo buildings

      And some other more details and smaller buildings, you'll see.
    8. Ehm... New stuff added and all.

      Police station added,
      more interiors and sings added
      a new underground area is added
    9. Updated again, added stuff

      does anyone ever even read the title?
    10. New Design - Huge changes, much additions.

      Tower cut and undercity buildings added, also many flyingn objects added, actually a lot has been added, to much to list.