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    Orca Transport A1R3

    Fleet Logistics

    1. NuclearFun

      After mining a few asteroids i thought it would be cool to have a dedicated ship that could transport the salvaged goods home.
      it is a strictly industrial ship with just a small cannon to defend against asteroids
      although there are 2 beam turrets and 8 ams turrets
      with arms wide open... The main function is that ships dock to the extended docking arms and (fingers crossed - it should work and i tested it for some time) transport the docked ships storage to the storage on the transport.
      there is also one small shuttle docked in the open

    Recent Reviews

    1. DeepspaceMechanic
      Version: A1R3
      This is a very-very nice freighter! - I like the overall design very much, it reminds me of an upside-down nautical ship (which isn't funny, it worked out beautifully). The bridge at the bottom is a very original design choice. I also like the engines, and those docking arms were made brilliantly, very imaginative, I must do something similar one day. Also, if someone wants to master the art of working with slabs, this is a good piece of learning material. Very well done! :)
    2. Airis Damon
      Airis Damon
      Version: A1R3
      Awesome looking transport!