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    Vulture - Drone Frigate A1R3

    Autonomous guided missile frigate

    1. NuclearFun

      This little thing came to live as a side project while building something bigger and centers around 8 long range guided missile turrets.
      It is built as a drone ship, so there is only a small maintenance corridor leading to the core room.
      The design was inspired by the Caldaris Corax destroyer and the Drake Battlecruiser from EVE Online (seemed fitting with the missile focus)

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    Recent Reviews

    1. Jirachi
      Version: A1R3
      Hello! I don't have much to say about this considering it is a nuclearfun ship, however, there is a glitch that has been getting on my nerves.

      When flying in a fleet with an uneven amount of ships, the ai of the ship starts flying, spinning, pitching, and yawing in every direction without control. Aside from that, a very powerful and versatile ship!
      1. NuclearFun
        Author's Response
        Hi, thank you, i fear that stupid ai behavior is inherent of starmade though (if there exists a fix by shipdesign i´d really like to know)
    2. Drakkart
      Version: A1R3
      You know at first i was like this looks - interesting weird. strange never saw such a build style... scrolled down next pics... isn't that a nuclear fun frigate up there? no someone did not just copy over his hull templates or? - wait a second could this be a nuclear fun ship checking... Dang it man you really surprised me... don't like your strong emphasis on missiles though... 15k mass drone... oh well...
      I'd like it as a ship but i also see the problem fitting interior around those missile turrets... Really nice shape and wedging.... GJ