Phobos Battleship

    Phobos Battleship A1R4


    After having much fun building it i can now proudly present my newest Battleship: The Phobos!

    With getting so many new things in Starmade my old battleship was obsolete and i failed to resurrect it, i took the principal design and "modernized" it.

    8 heavy battle turrets (rapid fire cannons)
    8 sniper turrets (long range cannons)
    16 guided missile turrets (long range lock on missiles)
    14 close range beam defense (burst beams)
    multiple ams turrets

    Full interior

    2 Hangars with space for a few shuttles and a fighter (or additions like a chaindrive) and 6 escape pods

    Additional there is a 60% Ion Defensive Effect
    First release
    Last update
    4.94 star(s) 16 ratings

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    Latest updates

    1. Minor interior update

      Fixed a few flaws seen in Sabers ship review video
    2. A few minor fixes

      a few display blocks and holes

    Latest reviews

    This puppy is sweet, I can't wait for her refit!! Even if she is old power, she can still put up one helluva fight. Even against newer ships in the power system. Her flaw: can't move for shit...but it's a battleship. You don't get a battleship for manuverablity do You?
    I adopted the modified server legal version of this ship as my flagship on the GenXNova server.

    The detailing is fantastic, and the firepower is absolutely glorious when erasing pirate stations.

    I only have two very minor suggestions.

    1. I've had to rework the transporters, they look freaking awesome but the first time I used them I ended up having to cut my way out of the wall. While amusing, that is a slight user interface problem. :P I'd suggest just hooking up the functional transporter block to the comp, but not the decorative blocks.

    2. The art in the floor of the core room is freaking awesome, love your emblem. but it does make moving around a little problematic. Not that big of a deal in general usage, but that could be dangerous if you're repelling boarders. I'd suggest putting the emblem on the ceiling or layering the floor in crystal armor with the emblem below in the future.

    Needs to be said again, the ship is freaking gorgeous. I'm still finding cool details and neat ideas even after having her on the server for a few weeks now. :D
    Dear NuclearFun, I think I have downloaded all of your ships now and I love them. This one in particular is a masterpiece, at least in design and defenses. I love your low profile turrets and I have tried to build one about 3 times now and given up. I had to build a docked observation module on the bow to see the fleet but that's part of the battleship design and overall your ships put me in a great immersive place. You are a very talented designer.

    I just have one nitpick and it doesn't change my rating. You do great work using transporter blocks in creative ways to decorate the transporter but, at least on my downloads, you have all the transporter blocks connected to the computer including the ones pointing into the walls and ceiling. The first thing I need to do with your ships is go fix the transporters or I end up needing to cut my way out of your hulls. Maybe next time you tweak your ships you can just hook up the ones on the floor?
    ...oh, i honestly didn't know that this could be an issue. So far i never had any problems with the transporters, thanks for pointing it out!
    This is basically what you'd expect from any ship made by NuclearFun. Tons of damage, HUGE turrets, great overall design, and a guarantee that your PC will slow down. Truly, this person deserves respect from the Dock.
    I think you do absolutely beautiful work but I keep on running into serious problems with people using your ships on the server I admin on. The way the turrets are designed they cause a lot of unnecessary bounding box collisions when they move. It's even worse when the ship starts getting shot up and things become unlocked. I've seen players doing simple things like fight pirates and unwittingly cause excessive lag. I'd love to see versions of your most popular ships that utilize server friendly turrets and docked entities that don't generate these collisions and break away without risk of getting caught in the ship. Had there not been so many issues with Ships such as this one and the Manticore in the past I would certainly have given it a fifth star.
    Absolutely mouth watering
    I'm not even qualified to rate this systems-wise, because I just can't compete. =
    But aesthetically - it's top notch, even for one of your ships. The shape is just right, especially with the turrets. The detailing work is excellent, as usual. The interior is enormous, and equally rich in detail. (Also, I love those auto-opening doors.)
    This really FEELS like a battleship.
    Wow ... excellent work!
    Not only does it look completelybadass, but it is extremely effective. I would make a crap if I ran into one of these on a multiplayer server lol.
    One of the most beautiful ships I have ever seen. Keep up the amazing work mate.
    Another masterpiece that's not also pleasing to look at, but also capable of kicking some serious ass. If you ever go up AGAINST one of these, pray you have a better thrust/mass ratio and GTFO before you get torn up.