Zanzibar Class Warship

    Zanzibar Class Warship 1.0

    Game version
    Principality of Zeon Battleship. This is a Shell. There are virtually no systems at all. There is quite a lot of RP love in the the interior. ~1/1 Scale. Exact proportions vary between canon interpretations.

    Though I did not explicitly use any of his templates, I did look to Gmodism's work for ideas on how to decorate the interior. So allow me to praise / link you a few of his many very useful resources.

    GI-INT Kitchen
    GI-INT Mini Interior Pack
    GI_Street Deco Pack

    It has 6 nested sphere turrets. These are relatively large for their profile, making them not so much of a joke. Turrets do not have modules/computers. The side ports are for doom beams.

    A powered version is planned for when weapons 2.0 is live.

    Open the spoiler for more pictures.


    Coffee Station on bridge

    Hangar Bay holds ~6 1/1 Scale zakus. Zakus not included.

    Briefing Room

    Pretty Halls, Doors and Signs

    Sick Bay

    Mess Hall

    Bunks for Grunts x3

    Private rooms for Officers X6

    Cargo Hold

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    The next version should come with a rocket launcher wielding Char.
    ProfDriftwood All you gotta do is put this on and grab a missile launcher from the Advanced Shop. =D