1. AlVonWolf

      Shoe Musai 2019-04-18

    2. AlVonWolf

      Gundam Turrets 2019-04-04

      Turrets i made to be us ed with the EEF Irish Class Ship....
    3. AlVonWolf

      Gundam Irish Class Shell 2019-04-04

      I tried to get it as close to the source as i could. hope you guys like it.
    4. AlVonWolf

      EFF Halfbeack Gundam IBO Ai ready 2019-03-10

    5. AlVonWolf

      Halfbeack from Gundam IBO 2019-03-10

    6. Serene-Switch

      Earth Federation RB-79W Ball 1:1 Scale : )

      Stats Mass: 239 Power: 6,600 Shields: 10,000/Regen: 1,000 TMR: 2.4/MS 343.5 Tools Primary: SC/200,200 Storage: 9.4K Other: Minging Upgrade 2.
    7. Serene-Switch

      Earth Federation RB-79K Ball 1:1 Scale : )

      Stats Mass: 241 Power: 6,600 Shields: 110,000/Regen: 2,000 TMR: 2.3/MS 340 Weapons Primary: CCH/60,60,60 Other: Level 3 Scan Capability
    8. Serene-Switch

      Earth Federation FF-3 Saberfish 2018-11-10

      The EFSFs versitile exo/intro-stmospheric fighter. While perhaps less agile than its mobile suit counterparts nothing either Zeon or the Federation has can top its acceleration. Stats Mass: 214 Power: 4,400 Shields: 65,250/Regen: 1,000 TMR: 2.3/MS 331 Weapons Primary: CC/66,66 Other: Rocket...
    9. ProfDriftwood

      Zanzibar Class Warship 1.0

      Principality of Zeon Battleship. This is a Shell. There are virtually no systems at all. There is quite a lot of RP love in the the interior. ~1/1 Scale. Exact proportions vary between canon interpretations. Though I did not explicitly use any of his templates, I did look to Gmodism's work...
    10. ProfDriftwood

      The Space Colony (Name Pending) 0.1

      I wanted to upload the existing progress so that it would be preserved in case my computer/the server happens to die. The foundation and the start of a transit system are in place. The city hasn't really been started though. Send me a PM or join me on Discord If you're interested in...
    11. AlVonWolf

      E.F.S.F Nedland 2018-01-18

      its a ship. -_-
    12. ProfDriftwood

      MS-06a Zaku II (Type A: First Mass Production Type) 1.1

      This is the Old Power Version of the MS-06c Zaku II (Type C: Early Production Type) Please click the link above for more detail about the basic shell. I will update both postings fairly soon with more images. This is still mostly for RP purposes, as the main gun is very difficult to use. It...
    13. AlVonWolf

      GM AlVonWolf V2 2017-12-30

      Same as my other GM but with only one arm as a turret and shields added too the other side.
    14. AlVonWolf

      Fed Ball (AlVonWolf Style) 2017-12-30

      My Version of the RB-79 Ball..... Able to use in fights but mostly for AI fleet miners. Needs some sort of logic. Im mostly only good at building. :P
    15. AlVonWolf

      GM AlVonWolf 2017-12-30

      Its the best GM I've made so far and hoping to make better later. I'm trying to make it at the proper portions without going too big. Also gonna redo the feet at some point. -Arms are working dps turrets -Weapons on GM are only so GM is facing the target arms are aiming at. -Head is working...
    16. ProfDriftwood

      Zeonic Industries by ProfDriftwood

      This thread exists both to list the Gundam Themed resources I have contributed and to document the development of new ones. Note that these are all based on the cannon names of different Zaku Models, and only conveniently fit my plans perfectly. That is to say, virtually every part that changes...
    17. ProfDriftwood

      Big Zaku Project

      Hello, I'm sorta new to the game and I'm working on a mech, because starmade needs more mecha. Right now it's just a shell and some basic systems, because like everyone else I'm holding off until the new power system goes live to deal with that. All the same, there's tons of work to be done in...
    18. 9223884

      Gundam Seed Archangel

      Hello fellow starmade citizens. I'm currently working on the Archangel from Gundam Seed. It is designed to be about a 1 to 1 ratio coming in at 453 m long. It's still in progress but the main exterior and some of the hangar is done. Main things to work on: Interior Design Weapons...
    19. virtue1987

      Gundam Unicorn Salamis Class 2017-07-06

      Here we have a Replica of the Salamis Class from Gundam Unicorn. Ist not the Salamis, Gundam Fans know and love, but a ship you see at the very beginning from the first OVA Episode. Ist a "blink and miss it" Moment. This ship was set up by me as a small and fast jumping patrol ship. - Small...
    20. Serene-Switch

      Earth Federation RB-79C 1:1 Scale : )

      Better than you'd think. Stats Mass: 234 Power: 6,600 Shields: 89,625/Regen: 2,000 TMR: 2.4/MS 350 Weapons Primary: CH/100,100 Other: Level 3 Scan Capability