Warden Class Destroyer

    Warden Class Destroyer MK03

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    Reactor Blocks: 3730
    Thrust Ratio: 4.9 Max Speed: 717.5
    Shield Cap: 351,725
    Recharge after upkeep: 7191
    Lock-On Missiles (4 groups) Total Blocks: 2430
    Scout Class AMS (4)

    Special Features:
    - Ship's reactor can not maintain thrusters at full and weapons at same time. This is intentional, the ship has of acceleration. The priority to set to allow your weapons, shields and turrets to keep firing while under thrust, you acceleration will be reduced but you can still reach the max speed allowed by that thrust. Don't be concerned by the spiking red, it is working as intended.
    - You can pilot the control pod on top if you want to let the AI take control during a fleet fight, which will allow you look around.

    During the period between year 9990 and 10000 one of the largest pirate factions the "wolf Pack" started to consolidate power, taking over other smaller factions, forming “The Guild” of united Pirate Factions and claiming the systems taken from the Peace Corp by the Vanguard. The Wolf Pack strangely went from one of many ill equipped pirate factions to one with large fleets, advanced tech and inexplicable production capacity despite having very few shipyards. One of the Wolf Pack's major advancements was the widespread use of cloaking tech. Cloaked Wolf Pack fleets wreaked havoc on Peace Corp patrols. By year 10020 The Peace Corps were surrounded by Wolf Pack controlled space, 35% of their navy had been destroyed or rendered inoperable, and they were incapable of ensuring the safety of their stations and colonies. Inspections of destroyed Wolf Packs ships revealed they were built with many parts, such as BT-7K Thruster modules and GBU-10 Shield Emitters that were designed by Artemis Inc for use in Civilian transports and luxury racing vessels.

    The Warden Class Destroyer, was produced by Utopia Co. in the year 10025 and was key to the Peace Corps Salvation. The Warden class Destroyer was fitted with top of the line scanners capable of defeating Wolf Pack Cloaks, and their high speed and High damage capabilities allowed them to easily defeat the Wolf Pack cloaked drone swarms. The Warden Class was also fitted with 3 Scout Class AMS turrets that were capable of nullifying most enemy Missiles from Battleship class and down. The Warden Class's maneuverability also was effective in avoiding damage from enemy capital ships, while their missiles helped Allied capital ships overwhelm enemy AMS systems. The Peace Corp-Guild war had been simmering for 40 year prior but started in earnest in 10020. The Peace Corp’s victory in the year 10031 was hard fought and was in large part due to the deployment of 50 Warden Class Destroyers, who scored over 1K ship kills in 5 years.
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