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    King's Station 1.0

    A roleplay station with many practical uses. Intended as a home base.

    1. Samwiz1

      My username is Samwiz1.

      A while back i uploaded a warship that, while i was quite proud of it, got awful reviews and was called the "flying brick".

      That scared me away from shipbuilding for a time, so i took refuge in stations, where i don't have to worry about certain elements that ships have/need.

      So, after a month of on and off work, I am proud to present King's Station, a place that in game I would call "home".

      Here's some screenshots.


      ^A full, overall view of the station. Gives a general idea of the size we're looking at here.

      note - the most used block in the station is the grass block by FAR. To make this, you may need to planet mine for hours on end due to the sheer size. Sorry.


      Directly in front of the castle's main and only gate is a small spaceport with 8 starter miners. I added this with the intent of giving a miner to anyone who joined my faction to encourage strong growth and a feel that they "belong".


      One of my Oaken Turrets. I placed 5 of these around the castle for basic defense against pirates and the like. These turrets are in no way a match for capital ships and I'm not going to pretend like they are. As previously mentioned, this station was intended as a home base and has defenses enough to scare off small raiders and default pirates, not defend against vast fleets.


      A bunch of windmills to the west of the castle. They actually do spin, which i am proud of. There's a button in the control room that activates the spinning, as no wind will actually be blowing otherwise. Purely decorative.


      An up-close shot of the public docking arms to the south of the city. Anyone can dock here, and it's big enough for ships of any size. Basically, i wanted to make the place a community hub that anyone could go to, so as long as the turrets don't shoot you feel free to dock with the knowledge that your ship is safe.


      An up-close of the control station for the capital ship shipyard. The area in between the arms is about 601 x ~600 x 500, so it should be able to support a wide variety of sizes.


      A closer look at the castle only. This shot gives you an idea of the basic layout of the inside of the castle. By the way, it is possible to get onto the battlements, as they are accessible from the northwest tower's interior. There is a small parkour in there that leads to a hole in the top of it, the from there you can jump onto the battlements.


      One of the 27 identical houses, these are to be assigned to individual members. A house in a city makes them feel apart of something bigger than themselves, and increases faction loyalty.


      Looking up at the keep and throne room entrance. I placed a teleporter on the steps for convenience during design and forgot to remove it. Oh well.


      The main throne room, with a design inspired by one of my favorite games, Undertale. By far my favorite part of the station, there is a public undeathinator on the throne, a very bright theme, and a door in the wall to the right of the throne that leads to the castle's interior.


      It looks like i can only have 10 screenshots on an upload.

      Rest in pieces.

      So, i'll just describe the rest.

      Beyond the door to the right is a large dining hall with an incredibly long table and many seats. The king has his own seat at the end of the table. Also in rooms branching off from this are the crafting room, with all types of crafting and many factory enhancers, the control room hallway, and the roof elevator. On the roof is a PvP arena with public undeathinators and lights so players can play a form of "capture points" in this star-faring game. The control room hallway boasts 2 blast doors, and then the actual control room. In the control room is the faction module on a pedestal, the button to activate the windmills, an incredibly large storage, a button that activates a strong jump inhibitor, and a build block.

      The station as a whole was designed to mock the HQ of and be the opposite of the inter-server faction Vaygr Empire, who took so much from me. (One innocent frigate that i'm still salty and bitter about.)

      In short, this station is a good home for an aspiring leader hoping to create a large alliance or a strong, centralized faction.

      Feel free to edit it to your wishes, and please leave a comment. Than you!

      This is such an improvement from the SMS Flying Brick xDDD

    Recent Reviews

    1. Ribbons0121R121
      Version: 1.0
      is that windmills? working? in space?
    2. MChain
      Version: 1.0
      Fun concept, slightly reminiscent of old pancake planets. But you could greatly improve it by adding some landscape, a nice dome above to keep atmosphere (forcefield dome?) and some system levels below ground level (with a nice hull, of course).
      1. Samwiz1
        Author's Response
        Thanks, i think i'll get around to doing that sometime, but the sheer effort it took me to get the spherical shape just right took so long that i was scared away from an underground. I think you're right in that a dungeon would be cool, but i'll hold off on that for a while just for my own sanity's sake. Thanks again!