Blackberry Frigate

    Blackberry Frigate 1.1

    Hi, this is my second uploaded ship to the Stardock, and it's a lot better than my first, the popularly nicknamed "SMS Flying Brick". This ship goes along with the station i designed, King's Station, to be a mainstream warship for my faction. At the time i made this i was playing on the Light VS Dark server, and the Dark have so far dominated. In an effort to lead an opposition i grinded to spawn in my station and then design a line of ships for my faction's fleet. Here is the first of what will hopefully be many.

    Presenting, the Blackberry Frigate.


    8505.7 Mass

    2584202 Power Regen Per Second

    1,064,670 Shields

    64,526 Shield Regen Per Second

    16 Heat Seeking Missiles in 8 computers


    Many turrets:
    -12 Swarm homing missile launchers on the sides
    -4 Heavy Cannon Turrets up front

    7 Room inside:

    -Core room with computers
    -Crew Cabin 1
    -Crew Cabin 2
    -Transporter Room
    -Scanner Room
    -Medical Room
    -Storage Room

    2 Chain Drives


    1 Merc Dragon Logic Drive (continuously charging a firing warpdrives)

    Here's a few screenshots:

    ^Front view of the ship


    ^Core Room


    ^Rear/side view of the ship

    I'm aware that the hull strength of a ship mostly made of wood and foliage isn't exactly the best, but I thought that it would be an interesting change from simply changing the color scheme of the hull, and i'm satisfied with the result. Please leave a comment if you like it, and come visit me on Light vs Dark anytime! :D
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    Latest updates

    1. Logic Drive Update

      Now outfitted with my friend Nosajimiki's Logic Drive, the blackberry is a better support ship...

    Latest reviews

    2 slabs of wood with a little knob between them
    Turrets shoot the one in front of them
    Needs effects on the missiles, waste of time without em, Piercing or PT, but not just missile-beam. And at least some degree of protection for the computers, they get shredded almost instantly (otherwise they're actually okayish, could be turret fired but not until you go back to turret school friendo).

    The two is because it's not a complete pea shooter statistically, however poor choices lead it to being pretty junk in a fight anyway, give it defensive effects (Ion & Overdrive) and offensive effects and bam you got like a 2.5 ship. Honestly needs some more reliable dps than just player fired missiles to really be useful, but again, weapons contribution is somewhat acceptable for a missile ship with admittedly decent shields. Still would greatly benefit from more weaponisation.

    Organic theme is cool but in this case kinda lacks any interesting shape (which is what makes organic themes cool, LOTS of liberty with hull shapes!)
    well its not HMS CosmicSubmarine...lovely :) Keep thinking out-side the box! (...or is that outside the cube?...)
    It would be outside the dual-boxes with a stick in between :)

    Thanks for the review!
    The idea is great, the realisation not so great (where did you see boxy plants? Japanese square melons are not an option. Also, organic ship WITH ENGINES??? - here you lose 1 star).

    But I'd definitely love to meet this flying hedge in deep space...
    Thanks, I think I will put more detail into the foliage for my next ship. Thanks again for the stars!
    I really like what you've done here. I think the use of the organic blocks is interesting. If you want better armour you can hide a layer of advanced armour under the wood. I would probably try to change a few parts of the ship to make it look more like a ship that has a swarm of life covering it rather than some sort of fantastical space hedge (BTW you should change the name from Blackberry to Space Hedge.). You could make the front end look a little more spaceshipy and the back end more enginey. I would also replace some of the wood with glowing green circuits. You could have it like veins of alien tech running through the wood. Also, some of those turrets should look like big flowers.
    Haha, Flowers aren't very menacing, but I'll take you up on the armor under wood suggestion. Since it won't be visible I think I'll use grey advanced with wood on top for large ships, but smaller ones ok stick with wood. Thanks for the review!