Ancient Arcane Class Exploration Cruiser 1.1

    Right from the beginning of interstellar space travel.

    1. Lord Daro
      Game version:
      The Arcane was one of the early warp capable ships of the Outcast's Heimat after settling down on their new world.

      It's early Warp drive forced the construction into a tower type, to have it fit into the unflexible warp bubble. Fortunatly the drive could als be used to generate a light gravitation field.

      These ships drew power from a fusion reactor, icnited and sustained by a anhilation reaction. Also the raction chamber was a part of the main trhuster.
      This system emitted high radiation. To protect the from that radiation and from a possible failure in the antimater containments the whole engine section had to be placed in high distance to the main ship.

      As protection againsed debris and asteroids the Arcane introdused a new deflector field technology. Other than modern shields the field was hardly affected by lesser damages, since it reflected energy instead of absorbing it, but high enough damage would instandly bust through.
      The field was the most effective towards the front. This meant the ship had to steer towards facing incoming asteroids and other threats in order to protect the delicate reactor.
      Most of the surface area was also covered in armor plates, but these were not as effective and rather a last resort defence.

      Altough the chances of encountering a battle situation were thought to be very low, these ships actually had been equipped with gaus canon turrets and missiles with light nuclear warheads. However the turrets were clunky to operate and the missiles would mostly emit radiation on use in space, wich made them rather ineffiecent in most cases.

      (Additional lore based tech explaination can be found in the screen shots)

      I tried to balance the ship so it can engage in decent combat with it self.
      The turrets (they have AIs for remote fire, but are in lore not meant to operate without human input) have difficulties to properly inflict damage through the shields while being an essential defence againsed the missiles, wich in return can instandly get trhough these very same shields.
      Be aware that the shield bubbles don't cover the pretty delicate reactor at the back side. This means that the pilot needs to be carefull not to expose it to much during battle.

      The ship also has a mechanism that can blow up the connection tube between reactor and main hull. This was supposed to be used in conjunction with the games brake off mechanic for an emergency ejection.
      However it appears that for some reason logic signals no longer trigger warheads in the current game version. I might visit this aspect again at a later time.


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    1. MChain
      Version: 1.1
      A very well created "early-age" ship, with well-thought design, tons of eye candy to enjoy and excellent lore. Excellent work as always, Lord Daro!!!
    2. klawxx
      Version: 1.1
      Not only gorgeous looking and well made, but also historica"lore"lly correct. loved it! =D