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    Heavy Fighter-Perun Mark IV

    The Space Tank now has Arms!

    1. Crimson-Artist
      Game version:
      Perun Class Heavy Fighter

      If you'd like to know how I managed to animate this model (and add sound) check this post and this one for the audio.
      (Yellow Text) Indicates docked entity systems

      Stats/Pictures are of
      Version MK-IV
      Asterisks(*) indicate changes in latest version

      • Completely Redesigned from the ground up.
      • Added Modular component docks.
      • Installed Arm mounted weapons
      Role: Heavy Fighter, Armor Tank
      Generation: VI
      Mass: 1,288.5*
      L/H/W: 51m*/14m*/33m*
      Power Regen: 12,600* e/sec

      Base Armor Enhancement*
      Kinetic Armor 2*
      EM Armor 2*
      Heat Armor 2*
      Base Shield Enhancement*
      Shield Type High Damage Resistance 1*
      Shield Outage Redux 2*
      Thrust: 1,418*
      Max Speed: 120
      Armor: Primarily Advanced Armor Shell, Sporadic Standard Armor Plating
      Shields: 29,150*
      Regen: 529.9* s/sec
      2 Thumper Arrays (C+B Dam: 42,569.4)*
      2 Shredder Arrays (C+C Dam: 187.1)*
      2 Thumper arrays (C- Dam:60)*
      2 Atlas Cannons (C- Dam: 1,220)*
      1 Module-Talaria
      2 Autocannon Docks

      Hit Points:

      Perun-Slavic Mythology

      The Highest deity of the Slavic pantheon, Perun reigned as the god of Fire and Lightning. Upon the top of the world tree he watches over the world and battles his eternal enemy, Veles, By throwing bolts of Lightning from above.

      The Perun has sat in the our rework queue for more time then we care to mention. One cycle one of our engineers experimented with adding ODIN system components to a prototype vessel and the idea for the next version of the perun was born!

      The Mark IV is much larger and heavier than its previous iteration. It sports Advanced Armor and many defensive chambers making it one of the most durable SPVs in our catalog. While she has several internal cannon systems mounted its the ODIN system arms that are the main draw here. The arms feature new advanced controls allowing them to unfold like real arms. Some aspects of the arms are still highly experimental and should be used wisely.
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