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    GI_Weapon Testing Target Frame MK1

    Frame with targets to test weapons on different types of blocks.

    1. Gmodism
      Game version:
      New Weapons & Power
      The Gmodism Industries Brings you:
      GI_Weapon Testing Target Frame
      To test the new weapons the Gmodism industries has developed a testig frame with many types of blocks to measure damage, stopping power and explosion volume. It also contains a shielded area to test damage against shields, as well as composite structures to represent layered armour and ship hulls. The structure is fairly heavy to make it move very little when fired at with kinetic rounds.
      Enjoy your research!


      javaw 2018-07-23 17-47-04-995.jpg javaw 2018-07-23 17-49-53-581.jpg javaw 2018-07-23 17-49-08-912.jpg javaw 2018-07-23 17-48-59-846.jpg javaw 2018-07-23 17-48-19-917.jpg javaw 2018-07-23 17-48-09-167.jpg javaw 2018-07-23 17-46-52-942.jpg

      Gmodism Industries Shipyard.
      Brought to you by Gmodism Industries.

      Gmodism Industries - Quality and Innovation.

    Recent Reviews

    1. Ptotheextreme
      Version: MK1
      Very useful for testing weapon effectiveness. Good work!
      1. Gmodism
        Author's Response
        Thank you, glad it works well for you!
    2. ProfDriftwood
      Version: MK1
      Both useful and timely. A great way to test new weapon systems.
      1. Gmodism
        Author's Response
        Needed it myself ^^ Glad it works good and thanks fore the 5 stars! :)