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    GI_Turret Cb Exterminator C-ARTY X-Shell MK1

    Very powerful long-distance artillery turret, the capital ship "exterminator"

    1. Gmodism
      Game version:
      New Weapons & Power
      The Gmodism Industries Brings you:
      GI_Turret Cb Exterminator C-ARTY X-Shell
      The Gmodism Industries in cooperation with Edymnion Technologies brings you the Exterminator capital cannon turret. The turret chassi is independently designed by ET and then further developed at the GI facilities where further design and weapon systems where implemented and tested. After testing it was decided to install the C-Artillery (High Damage Cb System) loaded with X-Shells (3^2 Exit-Calibre Deep Penetrating). This turret is built to penetrate capital ships and reach to their systems in one shot, or even directly take out the reactor.
      The turret has a internal reactor for movement of the turret, as well as thrusters for inheritance to main structure. It is heavily armoured and has a high service weight, however it does not provide its own shield but must be provided.
      The total block count of the Exterminator's weapon system is over 11 500, plenty of power is required to charge a new round.
      Detail: Cb75(11572)
      Base Diameter: 70 meters.
      javaw 2018-07-24 01-31-23-894.jpg


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      Gmodism Industries Shipyard.
      Brought to you by Gmodism Industries.

      Gmodism Industries - Quality and Innovation.

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    1. wizard_fish
      Version: MK1
      great, i love it
      1. Gmodism
        Author's Response
        Glad you do m8!