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    Dolphin Transport A1R1

    A small assortment of turrets

    1. NuclearFun
      A year ago i uploaded a first Collection of Turrets, this is a new one:

      There are some very old turrets, some very new turrets, maybe you find something that interest you, maybe you have some tips for me...
      The "Exhibit" is docked to a small tugboat/transport ("Dolphin") to make it move.

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    Recent Reviews

    1. Panpiper
      Version: A1R1
      I wrote a bit of a tutorial on how to build ball turrets. It was mostly about how to build the balls so they would fit within one another and rotate properly. There was little in it to do with how to make them actually look good. For that, I simply referred them here.

      You Mr. Nuclearfun, make some of the best looking ships in the game. They are my personal favorites in terms of looks. Your turrets follow with the same extraordinary talent. While as you yourself mentioned, these are not perhaps the mightiest possible turrets, they are self powered and no worse than 98% of the other turrets posted in Community Content. Your superflat turret on the other hand, not solely being an extraordinary achievement in keeping things low profile, is also about as close to the maximum theoretical effectiveness for a small self powered turret as one could get.
    2. Sylvanusz5
      Version: A1R1
      I spent at least 9 hours designing and building an array of turrets for my titan.. only to scrap most in favor of yours. Always brilliant ascetics, always awesome potency.