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    The Millennium Falcon
    a modified Corellian YT-1300f light freighter

    Sparing no expense, I present to you, the Millennium Falcon. A project that I've spent more time on then I'd care to admit, and one that has been a constant evolution throughout my time in StarMade, has finally arrived to what I believe to be its destination.

    My take on the Millennium Falcon includes as many features as I was able to pack in, that have been seen throughout the movies. Too many in fact to easily provide a gif for all of them, so I did my best to show them in the following video below. The first 4 minutes goes through all of the rail features, the following 5 minutes is a tour through the interior, while the last segment is about the systems, with a dash of rambling.


    (Best w/captions)

    List of features included:​
    1. Full Interior​
    2. Dorsal and Aft laser cannons (Manned Turrets.)​
    3. Concealed Ventral Infantry Turret​
    4. Interchangable Sensor Dish​
    5. 4 Escape Pods​
    6. Landing Gear​
    7. Cargo Ramp​
    8. 2 Cargo Elevators​
    9. Port, Dorsal, and Starboard Docking Ports.​
    10. Forward Mandible Freight Pusher​

    For reference for most of these features I turned to both the movies, Wookieepedia, and google for help. The Interior is mainly based on the Star Wars: Incredible Cross Sections book. The AG-2G quad laser cannons are a given piece of Han's Falcon. The concealed BlasTech Ax-108 "Ground Buzzer" surface-defense is something I noticed upon rewatching Episode V relatively recently. There are two Tractor beam computers to demonstrate the Falcon's 2 Phylon C5 tractor beam emitters. And I included 2 missile computers to mimic the 2 Arakyd ST2 concussion missile tubes, which we see the Falcon use to destroy the Death Star II. Although you may be wondering why my missiles are purple instead of red like in the movie, I decided to pay a little homage to the LEGO Star Wars games purple torpedo's. Of course to emulate the Falcon's heavily modified Isu-Sim SSP05 hyperdrive generator, which provides it with a Class .5 rating, I went with a maxed out FTL Chamber tree. And I also provided a mediocre Recon tree to give some love to the Falcon's Sensor Dish. There is also a few mobility chamber upgrades to show off those heavily modified Girodyne SRB42 sublight engines. Also via the Wookieepedia I spotted some unused concept art for the Falcon pushing Freight, and decided to include those freight cargo pods into my build, and thus included in this resource is said freight train. Last but not least, I couldn't forget the Gelieg 20m-cp Strobe/C-Beam Lamp high-intensity floodlamps up front, and of course included a couple lights.

    Including all the bells and whistles was no easy task. The innards of the ship is a mess of logic blocks, that can be difficult to make sense of. No doubt some other more talented builder would be able to make a much neater, and more reliable presentation of craftsmanship, but what I've got get's the job done 90% of the time. In the event that the Landing gear bugs out on you, which can happen from time to time, simply press the wireless logic block in the back left landing footwell to toggle to plex, and that should help fiddle them back into working order with a combination of toggling the ship remote.

    Ingame Stats: [OUTDATED]
    - Thrust/mass ratio: 4.8
    - Top Speed: 542.8
    - Shield Capacity: 6750
    - Shield Recharge: 460/s
    - Reactor Size: 199
    - DPS (Dorsal Turret): 40.6
    - DPS (Ventral Turret): 40.6
    - DPS (Concealed Turret): 13.5
    - DPM (Per Missile): 200
    - 2 Tractor Beams w/320 Tractor power Each
    - Scanner Chamber, with
    -Short Range Scanner Base
    -Scanner Power Efficiency 2
    -Scanner Strength 3
    - Maxed out Jump Drive Chamber Tree
    - Reactor Base Enhancement
    - Turn Rate 1
    - Top Speed 1

    I did my best to provide a relatively 1:1 ratio build, however it's no doubt a bit larger than it's supposed to be. It includes a full interior pieced together from cross-sections, deck plans, and a little imagination.

    Eventually I'll be updating this with versions of the Falcon from other appearances, including Solo, and new Canon, but this one is mostly based on Legends in terms of the layout.
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