DI Millennium Falcon

    DI Millennium Falcon 2.0

    Was looking through, and realized I never updated the Millennium Falcon here on the dock.

    This update is from June 2020 after Tshara revamped my Millennium Falcon logic systems, so this version has most of those implementations (with a few revisions) and then had a whole new set of systems (an upgrade if I recall) from the original version.

    Looking back on this original version there are so many things wrong that just seem that common sense to me now, so I'm grateful for Tshara helping to point that stuff out, and it's gone a long way in improving my building since.

    I still plan on doing a full interior layout revamp later down the pipeline, based on new material from Solo: A Star Wars Story and when I do that I'll update my showcase video, but for now if you want to see the upgrades, head to Tshara's showcase video. (there are a few differences from his version and mine but for the most part are quite similar, not counting the systems)

    I appreciate all the support this ship has gotten, 2000 views on a resource, specifically one posted in the last couple years, is crazy to me.
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