Delta Class Lighter FIghter

    Delta Class Lighter FIghter MK2

    Game version

    Reactor Blocks: 99
    Thrust Ratio: 4.7 Max Speed: 540.1
    Shield Cap: 8,050
    Recharge after upkeep: 250
    Lock-On Missiles (2 groups) Total Blocks: 64

    Special Features:
    FTL range bonus

    Since their creation in 9715 The Peace Corps has depended on the every effective Delta Class Fighter platform for a variety of roles. The Delta Class was first produced by Odyssey Inc, which would later be purchased by Utopia Co in year 9830. When the Peace Corps first left Eden and ventured out into the galaxy to create a new home they brought with them the first 5 Delta Class fighters ever built as their only defense.

    The Delta Class was effective at fighting off the ill equipped pirates and marauders that threatened the Peace Corps for generations. However the infamous pirate raid on a Utopia Co shipyard in year 9845, which resulted in the pirates stealing the newly developed Raider Class Frigate, changed the tactical situation drastically. Several pirate factions then had access to not only one top of the line frigate, but also the designs to make many more. The peace Corps Navy, made up mostly of Delta Class Fighters and Pursuit class corvettes was now out classed. This drove the development of the Peace Corp's first Heavy Bomber that was built by Artemis Inc. the competitor to Utopia co in year 9847. Artemis Inc. won the military contract after claiming that the destruction of the Utopia shipyard and the leak of ship designs to pirates showed Utopia Inc. was a security risk for new ship designs. To this day some still believe the raid on the shipyard was organized by Artemis. The Alpha Class was built to surpass the Delta Class in all areas accept for speed, where it sacrificed some maneuverability to increase their weapons payload. Despite The Alpha Classes advantages, the Delta Class Remained a better, cheaper option for some roles and remains in production to this day. The Docks of most Peace Corp ships are made to the specifications of the Delta Class and do not fit the Alpha Class.

    Additional Notes:
    since this design was first posted it has been used many times in pvp. the results were:

    - they were too small to make a difference in max mass pvp flights.

    - they worked as a decent escape pod

    - this has been successful is a every 1v1 piloted pvp duel with similar mass ships. it has scored several 1v1 victories including beating an opponent with 4x it's mass.
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    1. System Upgrade

      - Improved weapon strength - changed anti-lock to Jamming
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    This would have made a good drone or small fighter. But looking at this, all I feel is a small mining ship. Like a first 2-hour mining ship. Yeah, it is a missile launcher, but still, it just doesn't look and feel right.