Danieer Foundries Nexus Macon Aerospace Fighter

    Danieer Foundries Nexus Macon Aerospace Fighter v0-201-378

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    Danieer Foundries Macon Aerospace Fighter

    Lore Summary:​
    The Macon class Aerospace Fighter is an older model produced by Danieer Foundries Nexus (DFN), it saw usage during the height of the Turia System War between the various un-unified peoples that now make up the Turion Republic.

    Following the end of the war, and the founding of the Turion Republic, Macon production ground to a halt as the new Colonial Guard did not adopt the fighter. Many were scrapped however some can be found both in the private and commercial sector as well as in the Danieer planetary militia forces.​

    Non-Lore Summary:​
    The Macon Fighter is originally a design from the Debrisian Federal Navy (DFN) faction and was used as a drone around 2014. It was built by FlyingDebris

    Relevant Statistics and features:
    • 9,750 Shield Capacity
    • Stock Scanner
    • Stock Jumpdrive
    • 2, 7 Meter Rapid Fire Cannons (Heat Effect Modification)
    • Rail Docker
    Thadius Faran
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    this is nice but it could use some more color to it is a bit bland.