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    Cerberus mobile headquarters

    Primary function is to operate as a mobile command station and battle platform. Best strategy is to use FTL drives to jump around the galaxy and evade enemies. Also makes a nice prop piece!

    Exterior is easy to add anti missile turrets to, and shields cover all systems including reactors.

    I was very stuck with the interior on this one so I decided to just leave it as minimal as possible, allowing for anyone to add additional docking, or rearrange rooms, etc.

    Changes from the old Cronos Station:
    It is now a ship rather than a station, its slightly larger and thinner than the old station. Also has more detail on the body since I found a higher res reference image. I also decided to scrap the curved arm since it just looked shoddy and wasn't smooth.

    May make an updated interior model, also may not.

    cronos 3.jpg

    cronos 1.jpg

    cronos 2.jpg
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