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    CC: Destroyer 2017-04-06


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    • Length: 310m, Width: 77m, Height: 77m
    • Mass: 38K
    • 46M power / 2.1Me/s*
    • 3.2M shields / 50K/s regen
    • 9M armor (passive piercing anyone?)
    • 1.6:1 thrust:mass ratio
    • 12 recessed capital turret hard points
    • 8 point-defense turret hard points
    This is a recent ground-up revision of my destroyer Class Core, which is a thing I use as the jumping off point for making various specialized warships (long or short range, extra heavy, interdiction, etc) as desired without needing to either go back to square one or spend hours replacing other systems and re-balancing size. So it's much more than a "shell," it is a complete destroyer, with all basic systems (power, shields, thrust, turret hard-points, jammer, scanner stub, and BobbyAI) and well-armored, but still a blank canvass in terms of armament, effects, and support systems (my CCs have no jump or OD). As a class core, it is also un-wedged and has no interior though I've sketched out a rough interior that I believe suits it and doubles as an effective additional armor bubble.

    Just spawn this into SP Creative, throw weapons on it, then re-blueprint it for quick & easy, custom fleet augmentation. Additional shields and armor are easily added.

    Or because of the simple existing lines, you can easily re-color and wedge it as you please, add some interior, and use it for an RP warship with a strong backbone.

    Weapons are easily added either bubbled up against the power core Zentradi-style, or as nacelles to draw fire away from the main systems and effectively 'contain' larger blasts through spacing.

    *Power for most buildouts of this CC will require addition of substantial auxiliary power, which I recommend doing as a nacelle lifted well off the main hull, perhaps directly below the forward central core.

    Resilience & damage control are the key concepts in this design, because for me a destroyer's role is close-in combat (tanking) & crowd control. The ship's power & shield generators form the ship's spine, which is wrapped in single AA, surrounded by a fully-enclosed space barrier, which is wrapped in an eCapacitor-lined 2-ply AA outer shell, giving the entire power core 3 layers of AA with a space gap and 2-3 layers of relatively disposable systems between. Note that her massive engines are divided into 4 primary AA cans, and each can has 2 AA bulkheads that effectively subdivide each can into 3 compartments, reducing damage spread from explosions. Similarly, main shields are lifted away from the power core and split into 3 ring-compartments; this also serves as a tasty target to draw fire off her main body and even catch a few incoming missiles far enough out to give her vital systems a healthy space barrier. The fore armor bubble around the core intended for interior is also calculated to do some missile-catching (and obviously interior decorative blocks filling it only augment that function). Turret hard points are actually slightly hardened rather than constituting a weak point in the AA wrap, since they are expected to be primary targets, and they live on the lifted rings, adding to the appeal of those missile-catchers. The intent is for this ship to be able to take a real beating and NOT completely lose power, shields or at least minimal thrust capacity. The ship's nose is 3-ply AA, and the fore of the ship's inner core is 2-ply instead of one, for a spaced total of 5 AA layers greeting a facing opponent. With 12 capital turret hard points, an opponent cannot easily cripple all automated weapons, and she is ready for aggressive crowd control against smaller capital ships and fighters. Of course, 8 point-defense (AMS) hard points should actually keep most of the incoming hurt from ever arriving and will hopefully render this ship's extensive DC design moot in most of your engagements.

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    starmade-screenshot-0103.png starmade-screenshot-0100.png


    Constructive feedback is invited, and I would love to see any mods or skin-jobs anyone decides to do with this.

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