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    Universal Self-Contained Reactor Templates a1

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    Did a platform with 'universal' (generic) self-contained reactors.

    USCR L1.a1
    USCR L5.a1
    USCR L10.a1
    USCR L15.a


    Download, spawn in, copy them to template, and enjoy a little convenience in powering your non-combat ships and facilities, or lay one of these down as an emergency backup for your main, bespoke reactor.

    Aside from the L1, which has 2x three-chamber branches and 2x one-chamber branches because that what fit in an ultra-compact battery shape, these models are all "a1" series, which means they all have 2x five-chamber branches. I have a "b1" series in early progress that goes for something more like the L1.a1 with shallower chamber branches and more of them. b1s will be for generalist setups, and a1s more practical for specialist ships/stations.

    The chamber branches are made of metal mesh connected with proper conduits. Use fill to swap in the chambers you want - it only takes 3-5 seconds per chamber (Just make sure you've set fill to enough blocks, pick a block of the mesh where you want to install a chamber on the tree, select the chamber type you want to install, and hit Fill).

    I'm going for something as generic as possible. They are optimized first for convenient shape and easy installation both of the reactor itself and the chambers within it, so do not expect them to outperform a custom reactor installation in terms of weight ratios, chamber ratios, etc. They do the job though, and it's nice to be able to fully power something with just a couple of clicks and no technical problem-solving.

    I will try to update this with more self-contained reactors at L20 and L25 if possible when I get time.
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