TSS DDC-1 El'Druin 2018-03-31

    Lancea II Class Fast Attack Corvette

    1. Tamren Shade
      Game version:
      Ares Aerospace is proud to announce the complete refit and relaunching of one of our most advanced ships to date! The ASDF DDC-1 El’Druin,

      The Lancea II fills the role of a fast recon corvette. This design makes extensive use of lightweight carbon-composite materials with only a few layers of armor around mission critical crew stations. The lightweight space frame is affixed to a single massive mono-thruster system originally prototyped as a engine subassembly intended for use in an upcoming capital ship project, and this massive engine is in turn boosted by a full overdrive system.

      The DDC-1 El'Druin still packs a punch for it size, the older models particle lance has been replaced with a prow mounted custom Quad Sunjet-67 Plasma Pulse Cannon (675 Cannon, 675 Cannon, 675 Punch, x4)

      Secondary batteries consist of a a four silo VL-LASM guided missile system (110 Missile, 55 Beam, 110 Punch, x4),

      and four of our newest Low Mass 3 MW Particle Cannon turrets (150 Beam, 150 Explosive).

      Finally, the rugged anti-missile grid consisting of eight 3rd gen Mk 4 Dual Phalanx Turrets, and four Mk 2 Low Profile Phalanx Turrets maintains the same excellent defensive capabilities of the legacy model.

      Even under heavy missile bombardment, this system should give a reconnaissance mission enough cover to retreat and report. Or at least report by coms.

      Despite the ships risky mission and long term deployments, we've had no shortage of volunteers to crew Lancea Corvettes. Out of our entire fleet, the accommodations for the 7 members crew are the most spacious and comfortable. If also the least protected...

      To add one of these fine ships to your fleet, go to our Galnet site today!

      Mass 10,100
      Total Block Count 82,809
      Length 152 Meters
      Width 47 Meters
      Height 39 Meters

      k 19 Zero Point Vacuum Converter
      199,800 SMKJ/Sec at 105.2% Stability

      Thrust 26,550 for an extremely high Thrust/Mass Ratio of 2.5

      Single Mk 2500+ Electro-Gravitic General Purpose Shield Generator
      powering a 5.69 Million SMJ Defensive screen with a recharge rate of 51,700 SMJ/Sec

      Mobility +1 Speed
      Mobility +3 Turn Rate
      Base Scanner +3
      Base Jump Drive +5






      Engineering/Core Room

      Crew Mess/Lounge with a 2x6 Meter Wide Screen TV!! :-p

      END RP
      Now updated to 2.1!

      I freaking love this ship, easily my most fun design to date. While it may not have particularly great defensive stats, the 2.5 T/M R and mobility chambers makes this ship a blast to fly :), and you get a big gun to fire as a pilot. Plus out of all my ships, I'd say this one has the best exterior detailing to date.

      The El'Druin was intended as a cool exploration/personal transport ship for going off and exploring, or visiting other players homes bases, with enough fire power and speed to deal with mob pirates and possibly discourage anyone else from shooting at me too much :-p


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    1. Updated to 2.1!

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    1. darknassius
      Version: 2017-09-11
      very nice , i like the disign of the ship and the interior is clean and beautifull
      1. Tamren Shade
        Author's Response
        Thanks! :)