Ares Aerospace F-7 Wyvern Fighter Pack 2017-09-07

    Selection of 3 fighters and a Shell

    1. Tamren Shade
      Ares Aerospace is proud to announce the release of our new line of MF-7 Wyvern Med Fighters. The MF-7A Wyvern is a fast, lightweight, highly maneuverable, hard hitting yet affordable hybrid space superiority/strike fighter.

      We currently have 3 variants available, but given the significant advances in power generation technology just over the horizon, we see taking this line way past our current three model offerings.

      All three models make use of near identical space frames, power plants, thrusters, flexible avionics system, a pair of Mk2 Phalanx AMS turrets, as well as a small dual core FTL jump system for use in emergencies.

      Mass 520
      Blocks 6290
      Length 50
      Width 32
      Height 16

      Power 2ooK e/s with 214K in onboard capacitors

      Thrust 1027 SMJ granting a 2.0 Thrust to Mass Ratio enhanced by a full overdrive system.

      Shields 29.5K Capacity with a recharge rate of 1650 se/s

      Two 25 Block Jump Drives

      50 Block Scanner Array

      Structure HP 282K
      Armor HP 132K

      Ratios compared to TBC
      SpaceFrame/Shell 43.8%
      Weapons 19.1%
      Power 12.1%
      Thrusters 11.6%
      Shields 9.5%
      Overdrive 2%
      Jump and Scanners 2.2%

      The MF-7A1 comes equipped with a dual 60mm cannon, which is ideal for engaging lightly armored targets but has trouble penetrating heavy armor. (400 Cannon, 400 Cannon, 400 Punch, 2 Outputs)

      The MF-7A2 replaces the cannon with a higher output, lower rate of fire pair of Ultra Light Particle Beams
      (600 Beam, 600 Punch, 2 Outputs)

      The MF-7A3 has combination weapon package including one ULPB system, and one Ultra Light Shield Disruptor. (300 Beam, 300 Punch, One Output, and 300 Beam 300 Ion, One Output)

      A2 Variant



      A1 and A2 flying in Formation


      Closer View of A1


      To add one (or all!) of these fine craft to your fleet, visit our GalNet site today!!

      END RP

      The fighter pack includes the A1, A2, A3, an empty shell of the A1, and a bonus Micro Shuttle class space bike, all on a diorama of a ship dock that is also a ship.

      While I'm waiting for the power update, I want to try my hand at building a light/escort carrier. Ergo, I needed something worth carrying to build the flight deck around, and these fighters are the result. I imagine by the time I get a shell built, and a rail driven flight deck operational, the power update will be just about ready to land. Yeah, I'm not exactly a speedbuilder here :-p.

      Secondly, fighters in Starmade are freaking hard!!! It took me 4 or 5 tries before I hit on a silhouette and shell I really liked.

      In testing I found that a 50/50 mix of A2 and A3 fighters did a pretty good job at taking out my own ship designs. 12 A3 would eventually take down The Empyrean Lancer, six A3 and six A2 will take it down faster and that is at a 1-5 mass disadvantage. It was interesting that even with the small 300-300 shield system, an F7 Wyvern could resist taking damage from the Lancer's 8100 block prow cannon for the few seconds it needed to drift out of the line of fire.

      After a little more testing last night, a pair of Tisiphones could handle the above mentioned squadron, albeit they will take a lot of damage before they pull it off.

      The A1 variant with the pair of 600 block autocannons is cool, and makes for a very effective interceptor versus the more strike oriented fighters. However, with the new armor algorithms, a 200-200-200 C-C-Pu system won't actually take out a block of AA in one hit until the armor pool is eroded.

      The last test I tried last night, 12x A1 will take out 6x A2 and 6x A3 without losing a single fighter, but all 12 will take minor to severe damage before the fight is settled.

      In all the tests I've tried, the larger vessels seem to lose a lot of AMS capacity very quickly, so a combined arms tactic that worth exploring is using a squadron of these fighters in conjunction with a missile heavy ship. The fighters erode the point defense network and shields of the main target while providing a missile and drone screen, but most of the killing damage is delivered by the larger vessel.

      I can see using these ships as part of a carrier build, deployed in squadrons as a screening/fast reaction force, or just used to spice up your pirates.

      Once the new power system hits, and weapon systems start to store their own energy for firing, I see revisiting these designs and trying out some variants with Beam-Beam weapons, and missile systems.