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    Adversary Drone 1.0

    A drone variant of the Adversary

    1. Star-Boy
      I made several changes to my Adversary so it can be better used as drones. I removed the RP interior which left more room for systems. I moved the docker from the airlock to the underside for easier docking on a carrier. I replaced the missiles with more cannons since the drone I tested with missiles and cannons was shooting down it's own missiles. I also changed the cannons to 75% EMP effect. The drone variant has more power, shields, thrust, and firepower than the RP variant. This version comes in the red/white/yellow paint scheme I use for my faction ships. Feel free to repaint/modify/use this ship however you like.

      Adversary Drone by Starboy on Sketchfab
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    Recent Reviews

    1. darknassius
      Version: 1.0
      Magnifique !! for this size it 's a really great build ,nice details all over the shape very good job ..