Here are some of the answers to the Q&A thread from March 15th. Unfortunately, LancakeLancake is away at the moment, so he wasn't able to write any answers.

    The next Q&A is open for questions now: [31st of March] Schine Bi-weekly Q&A

    We'll have to see, we've been pretty busy working on Weapons 2.0 and other things, hopefully we can come up with something to keep with tradition :) - DukeofRealmsDukeofRealms

    problem being that a ship of a few blocks could still be the size of a planet if all those blocks are “ghosted”. There will be an upgrade to the astrobeam though, which will eliminate that problem. - schemaschema

    If it is by AI, this will be fixed. We will also look into making the angle margin less. - schemaschema

    Greetings citizens, ~


    Weapons Update

    The first prototype is about 1-2 weeks away. We will going to do a full news blog for all the changes and additions when it hits to give players something to explore and test for themselves, since trying it out is always better than just reading about it. The goal in the weapon update is to make ship battles more interesting and give armor, weapons, effects, as well as all combinations a valid purpose. For that, all weapon types, as well as armor and effects have undergone some major changes while still keeping their basic principles. As an example, we increased the destructive power of cannons immensely by adding an effect that would emulate explosive damage. In other words: cannon now make big holes. Also, the new minelayer support weapon will be introduced.

    Stay tuned.

    HUD Improvements

    Now that the base functionality of Power 2.0 is in, we're actively working on improving the flight HUD to represent all ship vitals better and integrate newly required information (consumptions/efficiencies). The changes may not be mechanically or thematically drastic, but a concerted effort is being made to improve the legibility above all.

    Bi-weekly Development Q&A

    We answer a lot of questions in our weekly Twitch stream as well as in other locations such as the forum, tester slack and private conversations with some of our members. Feedback from this has been invaluable, however, one concern has been that these conversations are not easily accessible. To address this, we’ll be creating a thread on SMD every two weeks to gather questions for a bi-weekly development Q&A. Our answers will be posted in a news thread on SMD, Steam and potentially other locations. Hopefully this will provide a central location for further information, without having to go through stream recordings or spread out conversations.

    We’ll still be interacting over the board in all different locations, as well...

    In April of 2014, StarMade Dock was launched as a replacement for the forums, as a community run official forum separate from the StarMade team (what would eventually become Schine).

    DukeofRealmsDukeofRealms in September of last year stepped down from the day to day moderation and administration of SMD, and since then we’ve been in the process of moving the official StarMade forums back to Schine.

    The first step in this process is taking control over the management side of SMD. Since October we’ve been in the process of writing new rules, guidelines, moderation documentation, mod tool tutorials and modifying the forum software backend of SMD. We’ve also started a new team of moderators who we’ve interviewed and worked with for the past few months to take over after the transition has been completed.

    Today we (Schine) are ready to manage the front-end of SMD. We’re implementing our new Terms of Service and Rules and moderation team with new moderation procedures. Schine has created these rules and moderation procedures with the assistance of some of our former staff members and feedback from our community. We completely back our moderation team in their efforts to uphold our Terms of Service and Rules as well as to follow the moderation procedures we’ve created for them.

    Schine will be overseeing moderation over SMD to ensure we're achieving what we've set out.

    Over the next few weeks, we're going to be implementing new moderation procedures and systems as well as moving SMD over to new servers. SMD is going to be locked (read-only mode) until: February 3rd 2018, 19:30 UTC

    Notification of removal:
    • We've removed chat from SMD, at this point, temporarily. We currently do not have the staff to moderate chat. For a chat like replacement, join one of the community run Discords or our un-moderated IRC channel #starmade on Esper.
    • We're cancelling the mentor program, we feel it's...
    Hello players,

    the new version is now in pre-release state. Read the full news here: StarMade News - StarMade v0.200.250 Prerelease News

    Thanks for playing StarMade,
    schema and the Schine team
    Greetings citizens, ~

    As a lot of you probably know, we are in the process of refining and testing the power update. Dev builds are released almost daily and things are coming together nicely.

    We have no intention to rush the release as a large amount of existing systems need to be tested multiple times. While waiting on test results, development can already continue on parts of the future weapon update. Most of its mechanics will already be done by the time the power update is out and should make it likely to release both updates within this year. We definitely want to start to work on the universe update in 2017 still, and we are excited to share the details with you right after the weapon update release.

    Within all of those updates, we will also continue working on stability and performance, especially further work to remove lag spikes or loading issues, including improvements to planet sectors. For now, we’ve reduced the default planet size further to decrease their impact on servers as an interim solution till they get replaced.

    The new power system will be able to run alongside the old power. This means that ships spawned from blueprints will still be usable. However, the old power blocks cannot be crafted or bought in shops unless the server owner reactivates them, building new ships with old power is therefore discouraged, but of course not disabled. As both old and new power can co-exist, we’ve altered the config system to support multiple styles of the same value for system balancing. This should help to make the transition as smooth as possible.

    A ship will be considered new power by default until an old power block is placed, in which case it would revert to the old power system, including structure hp and shields.

    Having the old system run alongside the new one of course added a bit of workload, but we think it is worth it to be able to compare both types in-game, showcasing the differences for any player.

    In addition to a new power...