What have you done... (power system wtf)


    Eldrich Timelord
    Jan 16, 2014
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    Much potential, sadly much wasted potential. Glad QFI is trying to patch the gaping wounds in the zombie. I REALLY HOPE the next update learns and gives the community more control over the systems. Too much hard-code-blocking of things preventing the people who actually play the game (instead of supermario/zelda/whatever speedruns) from doing a real balance of things. I guess we could do some java and try to get paid for it (or hand off our fixes as a good faith excercise hoping for a bright future) but I'm wondering how fruitful that would be without access to Known-working unobfuscated builds to compare it to. I mean I GUESS it's not the worst thing to hope someone will comb though the still unfinished crafting tree and make things both useful and less annoying to fill a blueprint(damn this builder for including uncraftable plants in the ship!)... I'd honestly prefer to chop that cancer out and paste-back-in the old "create block blueprint from 5000 raw blocks" system to give a manufacturer economy a basis again.

    Would probably be nice to community-fork away from the main build after chopping out things that are cancerous to gameplay. Would not be that hard to re-merge after the main dev branch actually finishes taking the duct-taped parts off themselves and actually present something that has more gameplay value.