1. TheGT

      Since I Can't Keelhaul People I Don't Like...

      Ships of the frontier have always ended up creating some form of execution for traitors. In the day's of pirates and wooden tall ships, it was having the traitor be keelhauled by dragging them along the barnacles under the ship. In The Expanse, the threat of getting spaced and thrown out the...
    2. Captain Fortius

      What have you done... (power system wtf)

      Allright. Let's start with the good parts. There ARE some good things in the new power system video. Namely power priorities, the long overdue fix for weapons consuming power before firing ( I don't know why was this not treated as a bug sooner; ATM if there's not enough power to shoot a...
    3. Moultonlava5

      DragonBolt (Shell) 1.0

      The DragonBolt was created by Vokun_Grohiik and myself on Raiben's build stream. Its initial modelling was inspired by the "Hammerhead" from Cowboy Bebop. Since the stream it has undergone improvements to its exterior and interior. A full systems model coming soon.
    4. D

      hello people! Im going to stream @ 9 eastern time on my youtube channel!

      Heres a link to my channel! ima gonna be playing some starmade in said stream, and probably fail a lot! it will be great! -DigletsChannel