1. joshspaceboy

      Pathway Class Shield Frigate 2019-12-27

      J-Tech Industries presents a new frigate for defense, the Pathway Class. This ship is meant for escorting bigger ships or defending stations until a larger fleet arrives. The Pathway Class sits at 9,999 mass (not including turrets), and is both agile and well shielded with over a million shield...
    2. DeepspaceMechanic

      Galaxy restructuring

      Reposting some suggestions I made some time ago in the Discussion with the devs thread, to bring its points into better visibility, cause I wouldn't want this aspect of the forthcoming Universe Update to be any less awesome than it could be ;) So here are a few suggestions (or speculations of...
    3. PromisedPossum

      Possum's Shuttle Pack 0.202.86

      All of Possum Tech's favorite small creations updated and placed in one download pack. Go fast, scan vast expanses, mine with dignity, or scout enemies undetected and ready to snipe.:skull: The Star series was updated with stronger salvage, more storage, stronger scanners and activation button...
    4. Spartan-228

      TIE Aggressor A1

      Are you tired having that missile lock warning in your ear? Well we have the ship for you, the TIE Aggressor. "But wait!" you might ask "How dose another TIE variant solve this problem?" Well you see my friend we installed a point defense gun on the back of a modified Advanced, isn't that cool...
    5. Spartan-228

      TIE Advanced A1

      Every now and then even the admiral of the fleet feels the itch to get out there and tangle with the enemy one on one, but the admiral can't be seen flying a lowly TIE fighter or Interceptor. At last your search for an appropriate fighter for your station is here, the TIE Advanced. It has...
    6. Spartan-228

      Venathi Destroyers Mk1

      The Venathi Empire is an old empire spanning many star systems and boasting a powerful fleet. The Venathi Destroyer or VDD-04 as it is known by the Human factions that have encountered it, is the work horse of the Venathi fleet. It has been noted that the type-Red have only been seen in the...
    7. Spartan-228

      TIE Defender A2-A3

      Your old TIE fighter or TIE Interceptor just not cutting it against those Rebels? Well fear not for the TIE Defender is here. It has more guns, more armor, than the old TIE fighter and has shields. So don't die for the Empire, make those Rebels die for their Rebellion. There are two variants...
    8. Spartan-228

      DBY-827 Heavy Turbolaser Turret Mk1

      This is a replica of the DBY-827 Heavy Turbolaser, that was commonly found on Republic ships during the Clone Wars. This variant however has been painted in imperial grey and has had the blue focusing crystals swapped out with green. Remember guys, if you want quality, go Legion Adeptus. ;)
    9. xX_Tyvier_Xx

      Borg Tactical Cube_9-13-17 2017-09-14

    10. SkylordLuke

      StarCitizen - Hornet F7A 1.0

      Made this a year ago. was bored enough to release it :D ENJOY FEATURES: -foldable wings -logic cockpit open/close -single gimbal turret
    11. Spartan-228

      Royal Guard TIE Interceptor A1

      The Royal Guard TIE Interceptor is a nice addition to anyone's Fighter collection. Assuming one can acquire one without being hunted down and killed. If you do manage to get one of these sporty little fighters, you will not be disappointed. They have every thing a pilot desires speed, firepower...
    12. G

      Imperial Star Destroyer Class 2 - 1:2 size 0.625

      StarWars meets StarMade The Imperial Star Destroyer Class 2 came into service only a few months after the Rebellion destroyed the first DeathStar. With an originall size of almost 1600 meters length, a crew of 37.000 soldiers and around 130 TurboLaser Turrets it was an impressive piece of...
    13. G

      Medium Sized Star Destroyer ?

      Hey there ! Im a huge StarWars Fan, so i searched for an useablle StarWars Star Destroyer Blueprint... Because im playing on a server, it shouldnt be too big .100-300 k mass would be fine but the problem is that there arent any Star Destroyer Blueprints out there with that size. I found a few...
    14. Reilly Reese

      Star Stalker Fighter Jet v0-199-253

      Star Stalker Fighter Jet The Shadow Stalker first started being built during Raiben's Nov 13th Build Off on stream. After which I finished it and now it's ready for use! _______________________________________________________________________________________ It features a small bed room for a...
    15. CW390

      Abandoned Project Starship 2016-10-09

      This is an old project that I started after I saw the new Star Trek movie. Since then, I lost interest and inspiration to continue her. She is just a bare skeleton of what she could have been. Now I want to give her to all of you, to see if any of you can make something out of her. Please show...
    16. uberadiant

      Earth Starfleet Ships - Enterprise Era 2016-10-02

      Uploaded by request. Please note that these ships are unfinished, mostly shells and have no working internal systems or decks. Tau Ceti Shipyards presents a collection of 14 starships from the Enterprise era of Star Trek. Downloadable in .zip format, simply unzip and import the blueprints. J...
    17. Spartan-228

      Turbolaser Turret Collection 2016-09-18

      This is a collection of five Turbolaser Turrets that I have made. The first is the Turbolaser Mk1 it is a small turret designed for anti fighter work. Next is the Turbolaser Mk2 it is more powerful then the Mk1, but dose not have as good elevation and fires slower. The Mk3 is the biger brother...
    18. Spartan-228

      Imperial Light Carrier A1

      So if you have seen Star Wars Rebels you may recognize this ship as the Quasar Fire-class cruiser-carrier. In any case weather you recognize it or not, this ship will help you enforce the will of the Empire where every you go. The Imperial Light Carrier is not designed for one on one combat...
    19. Spartan-228

      RZ-1 A-Wing Mk1 2016-08-03

      So here is another ship to my Star Wars model collection. This model is like all my other models, designed for combat as well as looks. However given how I was forced to use lighter armor and skimp on the shields. I recommend that you use it as a drone fighter, rather than your own personal...
    20. Spartan-228

      BTL Y-Wing Mk1 2016-08-03

      This is the BTL Y-Wing from Star War. I am sure this lovely craft needs no interdiction. So I will simply tall you a little about this model. The hull is all advanced armor, it has 5,000 shield units, has two mane guns, and a point defense turret. Remember guys, if you want quality, go Legion...