Ulyses Star Racer

    Ulyses Star Racer 2023-02-25

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    The Ulyses Star Racer built for the Community Build Initiative, February 2023

    The vessel has no weapons, and only 19000 shield capacity. It does have 14000 cargo capacity for supplies, but is intended only to go fast. Very fast, with an 8:1 thrust/weight ratio, top speed 3 chamber, and maxed out thrust blast chamber tree, the Ulyses can accelerate to max server speed in two clicks, less than a second. The thrust blast can be run almost continually, firing once every ~3 seconds, with . It possesses a backup reactor for emergencies. The 3 man crew each have separate bunks, and are provided a mess area, fully functional kitchen, full bathroom and shower suite, and work station.

    the Ulyses was a personal project of ship manufacturing business owner Ivan Felosid of Tri-Ion Industries, built to prove his genius as a rocket scientist and physicist. The Ulyses was built around two experimental ion accelerator drives, juiced up by an antimatter reactor and internal warp drives to allow particles to be accelerated to 99.999% light speed over the already long length of the engine, providing phenomenal specific impulse and acceleration to the craft as a whole.

    The Ulyses set galactic records for highest average speed, highest absolute speed of a sublight vessel, shortest sublight time crossing the Belumginoxila System (1,589.57 AU) without stopping, highest rate of sustained acceleration, and most efficient use of fuel per m/s acceleration. The originally stark grey exterior was repainted with a plasma bowshock effect after gaining fame and popularity upon first breaking the galactic record for shortest time to exceed 0.1c for a manned vessel. The vessel was retired and put on display after 35 years of racing.

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    kinda looks like a bad dragon.

    you put a lot of effort into this. more of an art piece